Woohooo….. spending spree!

Fortnite Battle Royale Halloween 1024x576 - Woohooo..... spending spree!

Just posted the below to Epic Support…. Hoping they might throw me a bone.


I'm at a loss on how to start… it's kindof a funny not-funny story.

My son, age 9, is a bit like his old man and likes purchasing things a bit too much. The problem is that he has no concept of money. I had allowed him to purchase a few v-bucks in the past for new skins and gear that he'd ask for. However, I was completely unaware that my credit card would remain on file…. something that I now wish I had checked.

So anyway, due to his lack of grasping how money works and how buying v-bucks in the game translates into a debit on my credit card in real life, my son has proceeded to purchase to his hearts content. Essentially, every purchase from April 20 until May 22 was not authorized by me. He had a wonderful shopping spree to the tune of roughly $830.


Now comes the not-funny part of the story. Yes, I realize now that I should have made sure my card was not saved on the account. This is my burden to bear. However, $830 is essentially my entire two week paycheck. I simply can't afford this much.

Would Epic be willing to work out a deal to remove the skins, gliders, emotes, picks… etc. from the account and refund some of the money? I would be very thankful.

My sons account is (mailto:[email protected])XXXXXXXXXXX, and I can verify further information if needed. Personally….. I'd like to see his skin changed to something like prison clothes. That would suit him well, especially as he's going to wish he was in prison with all the chores I'm going to give him to pay me back.

Thank you very much for your consideration.

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