X4 Twine Peaks mission rewards could use a re-work? Not enough evolution mats/Re-perk/Perk ups (Suggestion)

FortniteBattleRoyale4 - X4 Twine Peaks mission rewards could use a re-work? Not enough evolution mats/Re-perk/Perk ups (Suggestion)

I feel with a total of 9 X4 player missions in Twine peaks the following rewards should be on rotation between them every hour.

Why? more than enough times have I jumped into STW to check out the "only worthwhile missions" IE the X4 player missions (in my opinion) to be

greeted with only Schematic/Hero and survivour XP rewards, as a level 131 my end game goals are to ENJOY creating different builds with the

new Hero loadout, alongside the specific weapon builds and trap builds via perks.

Though the materials required to evolve everything are MUCH harder to bulk farm than it is for the XP as there are very seldom any X4 missions which

are giving out evolve/perk up mats and even when they do they are not giving what I believe to be a quality amount, the reason behind this is after

completing a X4 mission that would be giving X4 legendary perk up is not even enough to level one perk from Epic to Legendary,

you are looking at completing that mission twice to level up one perk, with 5 perks you are going to be doing this 10 times,

let us say an average mission takes 15-20 minutes so it will take roughly 3-4 hours farming the same 1 mission… (FUN!)

just to get enough legendary perk up to max out 1 gun. This is if you ALREADY have the evolution mats and Re-perk to do so, not to mention already epic perks.

The following rewards should be on a rotation between the 9 X4 player missions in Twine Peaks every hour?

1 X4 gold

1 X4 Uncommon perk up/ Rare perk up (Both X4)

1 X4 Re-perk /Epic Perk up (Both X4)

1 X4 Legendary perk up

1 X4 Hero XP

1 X4 Schematic XP

1 X4 Survivor XP

1 X4 Pure Drop of Rain /Lightning in a bottle (Both X4)

1 X4 Eye of the Storm /Storm shard (Both X4)

This way you can set goals of what you need to farm, Then when you log into Save The World you can get to work on the targets you have set!


rather than seeing missions that will not help what so ever, so you just log out and wait until the mission rewards reset.

Sometimes you might not be able to get back on again until the next day, even then when logging in there is a high possibility of having a repeat of missions

giving you rewards you DO NOT NEED leading to a game killing vibe. (for me at least)

I understand people enjoy the grind, I enjoy the grind when I know what I'm achieving is worthwhile… as for STW grinding out all the materials

to create my own unique build with a maxed out weapon to then play with it and have it not be as good as I was hoping would be totally fine

if it didn't take me a week just to get lucky with mission rewards to create the build.

I don't want to look up and copy other peoples builds either, I want to create my own build along with my weapons because I find fun in creating, same goes with traps

I want to play around with different traps and their perks, for example, Max impact launchers, but due to my little resources (I have a ton of XP though…)

I don't have a chance to do so unless I fancy farming for a month, or recycling/retiring/resetting old cards which I dislike doing and cards are always being changed.

With a good balance in rewards and there always being 1 mission offering 1 of the above rewards that means EVERY time someone logs in they can work towards their ingame goal.

I know this is a bit of a rant but one of the main reasons I've been enjoying STW recently again is due to the vast possibilities of builds with both

heroes, weapons, and traps.

Do you agree or disagree? what changes would you make? and why?

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