Xbox Performance in 9.1 Feedback

FortniteBattleRoyale4 - Xbox Performance in 9.1 Feedback
  • Overall, things are generally better.
    • The primary and most egregious 'hitching' bug / performance issue has been almost entirely eliminated.
      • This was the behavior where the player seemed to fall out of sync with the server, resulting in empty hands, not being able to shoot, husks attacking but not being able to see the damage being applied, teleporting, and eventually re-synching with the server, and seeing all damage applied by husks appear at once.
    • Less frame drops occur from heavy performance-taxing events
    • Less enemies running in place and not taking damage from players due to performance.
    • I've got clips below showing things actually running smoothly, where it seems like before they very much would've not.
  • There are still a few problems, but by and large they don't seem performance based – more like individual bugs, or problems linked to specific things.. I've got a few in clips of one or two of these as well.

Goin' Constructor Activation Delay

0:02 – "Goin' Constructor" cooldown is used, and 50 energy is spent – but the ability doesn't activate. An invisible pickaxe appears to be out

0:06-0:15 – Husks attack the player, at the correct location, and audio feedback plays – but health is not observably affected by the attacks until 0:15 when the ability "Goin' Constructor" seems to finally activate. When it activates, the damage is applied, and the player can attack again.

0:17 – Goin' Commando ability ends, after only 2 seconds of being usable, but the proper 15 seconds after its attempted activation. The player can use weapons, abilities, and gadgets as normal after it ends.

This is the closest thing I've seen to the old hitches that will happen even close to regularly, and although the symptoms seem similar – I'm quite confident it's just the activation of the Goin' Constructor ability that triggers this. Again, seems to be more of a bug with the ability – than a performance issue.

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Invincible on-map husks


This, I only encountered once. I'm not timestamping anything because the same behavior can be seen throughout the entire clip. The husks were spawned on the map, not as part of an objective – they were asleep and couldn't be damaged to be woken up. At least not by weapons, anywho. When shooting the husks – you can hear the audio of a husk being damaged, and the visual effects even play on hit. But, they do not take damage, and don't react. OTHER HUSKS ON THE MAP – were not all like this. These husks were the only ones. The mission was completed as normal. This was not a temporary hitch, as I could kill other husks while these husks remained asleep as normal. But even after killing other husks – these few remained unaffected.

Hammer Leap issues

0:00 – 0:16 – Throughout several leap attacks, everything works fine. There's no hitching or stuttering, or position issues.

0:17 – I leap with the walloper's heavy attack, and land almost squarely on a Riot Husky's shield, unable to descend for a moment. This seems to cause an issue with where the game thinks I am when on the ground.

0:18 onward – Every leap with the walloper after the one targeting the nature riot husky from the front seems to have me leaping from a slightly different location than where I was, my character's location stutters mid-air, and the landing damage / area of effect, doesn't seem consistent with where it looked like I was headed. The leaping and landing locations seem to have been knocked off of where they should be.

Those – are the only really big issues I observed this past weekend of play; and now – here's the improved gameplay I mentioned before. Not as important, but still nice to see (at least for me, a long time Xbox player, who LONG wished I could just play the game with this little struggle).

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This was in a PL94 Eliminate and Collect mission, with Ice Storm, Acid Pools, and Healing Deathburst modifiers – a combination which combined with a hefty amount of enemies on screen, would've made the game unplayable in the last several patches of the game. But; here –

Clean Gameplay

The enemies don't rubber band as they approach me, my abities came out mid-combat, I was able to switch weapons – no hitches where my health wasn't displayed accurately or I couldn't attack, that smasher actually MOVED the whole way over to me, it's quite satisfying. I'm personally very glad I can finally just play Fortnite.

Now if only those Eliminate and Collect (and rader / survivor / encampment) missions gave proper alerts still :c Heh. But overall, glad to see this. Pinging magyst and linking it to you mate.

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