XP, Evo Matts, Perk-up, Transforms, Event Shop, Schematics, Community Shop

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These are some ideas I have for the game, hopefully they aren’t all bad.

Schematic / Hero / Survivor XP, Evolution Matts, & Perk-up

Currently Hero, Schematic, and Survivor XP are extremely buffed while Evolution Materials and Perk-up are becoming scarce while in comparison.

One possible solution to balancing this would be have the three rotate and be buffed for a specific amount of time. For example, keep survivor experience buffed for 30 days, after 30 days remove the buff on all the schematic / hero / survivor experiences and start buffing evolution materials for 30, after 30 days remove the buff on Evolution Materials and buff Perk-up for 30 days, finally start over.

While a set (XP, Evo. Matts, Perk-up) is buffed, guarantee one of those sets in each alert /mission rotation in each zone.

Transforming crafting materials

The amount of lower tier materials that have been destroyed because players don’t have a use for them is crazy. Transforming lower tier matts into the next level tier would be a great feature to have and it could give more use for research points to players who have their research maxed out. For example, spending 100 research points to turn two obsidian into one Brightcore.

Event Shop

Firstly, I want to say that if someone only plays for a few hours a week, I think it’s perfectly reasonable that they cannot get everything from the item shop each week / event. However, if someone did miss something, they shouldn’t have to wait a year (or any set amount of time) to have a chance to get an item that was missed.

With that said, Hero Recruitment Vouchers and weapon research vouchers should be obtainable. This could be done with gold, event tickets, or in some other way. Weapon and hero vouchers shouldn’t work on the current event heroes / weapons, but after the event is over and a new one starts those items should be obtainable with vouchers.


Each type of Perk-up and Evolution Materials shouldn’t be capped in the event shop. Even if this means the price goes up after “x” amount of transaction.

Storage space should be added to the event shop in some way.

Evolving Schematic

When a weapon is leveled up the player should be able to choose between crafting between crystal and rock. For example, a 106 Hemlock schematic should be able to craft both an Obsidian Hemlock and a Shadow Shard hemlock.

When changing the perks on a schematic we should be able to change back to a previous perk without using perk up again. If we unlock a perk on a schematic, we shouldn’t have to unlock it again.


Like how users can re-roll one daily challenge a day, we should have the option to re-roll one llama per day.

Schematic management

From Armory Tab > Schematics: Either have a search feature for schematics or add subsections (i.e. Assault rifle, sniper, sword, axe, etc.). When players have 1000s of schematics it can become time consuming to find what we are looking for.

A community shop

A shop were players could list materials they have, in an item shop tab, for gold. For example, I have 200 fibrous and I want 100 gold. I am sure this could be monetized in some way. Perhaps a onetime transaction of 1000 Vbucks and you can list items in the shop, or something similar.

Some of these ideas I have had for a while, and some of them are new. Thoughts?

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