XP “Supercharged” weekend is NOT an acceptable solution to the Battle Pass leveling issue

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Look guys, I'm sorry to be the negative/ungrateful one here but we seriously need to keep the conversation alive on the XP tier system. I imagine most everyone has seen the posts and the math, and I'm honestly surprised this hasn't blown up more. Think about when mechs were introduced and #VaultTheMech was popular… or when EA tried to pull virtually the same sh*t in Battlefront II. I get that circumstances are a little different here, but we cannot give EPIC a free pass on this one. We NEED to shove this in their face until we get some form of action plan to address this

The battle pass has been redesigned to coerce DAILY log in, LONGER hours of play, and, at its extreme, actual dollar purchase of tiers. I've literally seen comments of people saying this may be the first season they buy tiers… absolutely do NOT do that!! Let's be real, the average Fortnite player is not a pro streamer or content creator; we do not have the funds or the time to invest heavily in this game. Honestly speaking, I am convinced these are the only people who actually benefit from this new system. I won't get into the math of it all, but again the grind is painfully apparent and the battle pass is beyond flawed. And no, a "super charged" XP weekend- which by design encourages grinding in those days- is not an acceptable solution. If the core issue is I don't want/have 5-6 hours a day to grind in Fortnite, why the hell would a solution be to use all of my weekend grinding XP. This could maybe be a step in the right direction if this was an perma XP increase; but no, it is designed to temporarily placate everyone and distract us from the larger issue at hand. This is not EPIC "listening" to us, this was not "part of the plan"


Look, I love Fortnite. I've been playing since Season 1 and I often defend / support it whenever I can. But it is honestly frustrating to see EPIC remain rather silent on the matter; all the while going to extra lengths to remove small exploits (bridge xp) and related. We need to be vocal and we need to let them know this is not okay. Treat your players well and they will continue to play the game… you don't need to hedge your pockets with predatory tactics and flawed reward systems

TLDR: The supercharged weekend is a far cry from an actual solution to the XP tier system and we need to be absolutely vocal on this. The solution to a inherent grind issue is NOT two days of more grinding. I am honestly worried that this will be pushed to the background and we'll all just cave and buy tiers. PLEASE KEEP TALKING ABOUT THIS ISSUE!

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