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so im playing through my quests in a cat 2storm farming away while i wait for everyone to bother with objective, suddenly i hear it,

a message

who could it be? :0

a long lost relitive? thanos? maybe even xbox support telling me im com banned again,

then i see it, its one of the players in game,

one word,

an impossible word,

one i see often but never in my direct messages,

im stunned, staggerd and snared,

this has me taken back,


all i see is "trade" … i reply fast trying to throw it off my scent as he follows me shooting objects im trying to farm i say "no" short and blunt and usually enough in game chat, then, without warning it happens, with all the power of the g01D sK4R he replies only one letter "y" im killed i am slain i fall from my chair and through the 9 realms into valhalla, and proceed to beg odin for help, he calls me a pussy and sends me back to fend for myself by this point i am both humoured and rage induced my speach is slurred as the noob power has me dazed i reply "bcause i dont need 2" hoping the language barrier is breached" only to fall upon deaf ears his reply was "can i have free stuff" i quickly decend into a heath ledger enjuced madness where humour and insanity are industinguishable, " no lol" was my only response i had been violated, attacked in a place i thaught i was safe, but it wasnt over, he has reinforcements, his allys proceeded to spam me with invites throuought the game and he continued to send me messages, devoid of all sentience and reason, fueled by only the natural lust for nocs and gr4ve d1993rs like a child who cant hqve ice cream "Y"

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