Yo! Epic! Can you make the commander be part of the squad please?

FortniteBattleRoyale8 - Yo! Epic! Can you make the commander be part of the squad please?

Common sense would lead you to believe that the commander actually IS part of the squad, but nope, not as far as team perks are concerned. The commander does not count toward team perk requirements.

TL;DR: Long story short, commanders not counting for team perks is overly restrictive, gimps out a lot of builds/team perks that would otherwise be viable, and wouldn't game breakingly unbalance anything if it was implemented.

A few examples:

Boom Base: OK it's a good buff. The whole team benefits. I actually get why you would want to penalize someone an entire support perk to get it (for non-constructors you have to run a perk your class cant use to get boom base). But let's say instead of Syd as support for another constructor, you want to main Syd with Boom Base. Well he won't count anymore, so you will now be down two support perks. You ever seen syd with boom base? Nope, but for god's sake why? I'd love to hear the argument… that syd with boom base is just too OP to save the world with.

Hot Swap: This could be a really cool team perk, but if anyone is running hot swap builds they are hiding under a rock somewhere. A common sentiment among players is that "you have to gut your support squad to run hot swap". I am not sure it's that bad, and I appreciate that the new swashbuckler build alleviates SOME of the ruthless limitations of hot swap (for one hyper specific build), but let's face it – ONLY having to devote 3/5 of your squad to it instead of 4/5 is still very limiting given a) class-weapon linkages, b) commanders can't even use other classes ability perks, and c) the shortage of general purpose perks. Let's face it, even if you just went totally crazy and took all the restrictions off hot swap, it still would not be become the most OP Meta perk. We only have three weapons slots, and you have to confirm a kill every 15 seconds. Hot swap is never going to break the game even if you let us run 3 supports of the same class by counting the commander.


Blakebeard's Stash: I dig this team perk. I'm down with swashbuckling, clubs, coconuts and cannonballs. I might even want to main a pirate with it, except that then I would literally be forced to run 4 of the 5 pirates in the game just to even use the team perk. Main heroing one of swash+ or buckle+ could actually generate a nice strong build, IF I wouldn't have to devote a support slot to being functionally useless to do it (meaning club or cannonball buffs probably aren't the ideal addition there in comparison to other sword or pistol perks). There are already plenty of builds with plenty of sword and pistol perks, far more min-maxy ones that don't use weapon swapping. So strong? Yes? Cool. Yes. So OP that it unbalances the game and makes other builds look weak? Hardly. Even the stongest of the possibilities would,t even remotely be the strongest build in the game.. OR… maybe my pirate build is going to be a constructor and I'm going to support my team by handing out coconuts and grenades, and clubbing down smashes with peg leg when they get near the base and run weapons: cannonball/club/coconut. Sounds fun, but in that build if I wanted to main Blakebeard for better wave clear, or main Hype for better smasher clubbing, then once again I would literally have to give up an entire support slot to a perk that gave me nothing (so the sword I'm not using can buff the pistol I'm not using). And also once again, there is literally no reason for this limitation. The cannonball/club/coconut build will definitely never be to OP to save the world with, even if you let it use all it's support slots.

SO, Epic, can you think about allowing the commander to become a part of the squad? He is feeling really left out.

/u/magyst please?

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