You Know There’s a Problem When…

FortniteBattleRoyale2 - You Know There's a Problem When...

Played the PL140 4x quad Atlas once last night. Had two friends and an open spot so we left it on public. We all load in as constructors and the random is a soldier. We get lucky with 3 floating Atlases. We trap all sides of the one on the ground. We sit back and wait for any husks that make it through and what happens? The random, who was PL126, goes into the tunnels to fight. He/she gets one side of the defenses blown up. One of my friends types in the chat stay out of the tunnels because the random didn't have a mic. A minute later the random is on the other side of the defenses tossing grenades into the tunnels and gets them blown up. That side had a basement that all of the husks were getting tossed into. Not one had even made it to within two tiles of the Atlas. We completed the mission and would have done so with no issues if we just left it on private.

Last week we had the same thing happen on a PL140 4x quad Atlas. We did 4 or 5 runs with one random because one friend left the party. We got the same guy twice and the first time he started shooting into the tunnels. We told him to stop and he did. Next game he didn't shoot into the tunnels at all. The last run of that night we had a random running Zenith with a Shotgun and AR throwing his/her TEDDY and Shock Tower into tunnels. Twice we had blowups.

These are just the latest examples of how the game lacks the proper structure to prevent bad players from reaching the highest levels. You shouldn't be able to reach max level without knowing how to build or knowing not to shoot into trap tunnels or throwing grenades or TEDDYs into trap tunnels.


Two things need to happen sooner rather than later.

One, there needs to be tutorials on how to build trap tunnels and explain how they can be destroyed by improper player positioning. Add a tutorial for each type of husk or add a test zone inside our SSDs. Require players to pass the tutorials. For example have the player build a 2×1 then spawn in a propane husk and have them shoot at it in the tunnel, throw a grenade into the tunnel, place a TEDDY in the tunnel so they can see what happens. After running through these scenarios require them to build a 2×1 and defend an amp against a propane wave without using a weapon or abilities or gadgets.

Two, reduce Survivor XP by 50% in all missions. Players are getting to Twine in a few weeks, which does not give them enough time to learn the game.

Situations like those mentioned above are why I have mostly avoided public lobbies for the last 6 months. Fortunately I usually have a few (although the number seems to be shrinking rapidly) friends to play with so I can avoid it but this is a co-op game and we shouldn't have to play alone or only with a select few people. If this game has any chance of succeeding as F2P these issues need to be addressed.

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