You want StW to fail, don’t you EPIC?

Fortnite battle royale fortnite sniper 1920x1080 f072fcef414cbe680e369a16a8d059d8a01c7636 1024x576 - You want StW to fail, don't you EPIC?
  • The chat is filled with bots & victims who want to “trade my HB 123” since months.
  • The servers are a laggy mess, especially in 4man missions and the overall game performance ain't so good either, since at least version 4.2. (This is an issue on every platform)
  • Since a few days ago, more commonly with 5.2, the game increasingly crashes, freezes, locks-up or simply disconnect entire lobbies of players from the game w/o the chance to rejoin.
  • Sound seems to cut out randomly since 5.2
  • The new ADS is poorly implementet like to see here: – And I legit have to ask myself: why isn't there a option to switch between new/old? (Personally I like the new one better, but I can see why some people don't) We have first person mode in the game but this didn't cross your mind?
  • Same goes for the new auto-pick-up-everything garbage. Weather you like it or not, let people choose if they want to use it. There is an option for auto-gun pickup, why not for resources?
  • And never forget that the entire StW content of 5.1 was the same gun that has been in the game since road trip event, with a scope…

At least there was an alleged banwave…


…counterpart here is that the only proof (that I’ve seen at least) of anybody getting banned was a 1 day ban, during a time where the game is deemed unplayable by most people anyway. So nice punishment there, that's like not allowing your kid to watch TV while the power is out.

The only good thing we got from 5.2 was the increase in required PL to join missions, though I had trouble finding even 4 man rpr shelter PL90-100 missions yesterday with 4x XP rewards. (which MAYBE could also have to do with all the crashing / disconnecting garbage going on)

Read:  Any good tips/pointers for a newer player (such as myself) on being at Plankerton? OR any tips/pointers in general everyone should know?

I’m legit trying to think of an “good” update that actually took care of the main issues we have been complaining about for months now.. But I honestly can't think of anything other than the PL increase for missions that I already noted.

The game just seemingly gets worse and worse with updates/focus on stuff that nobody asked for or even cares while core issues are apperantly being ignored.

I'd really like to see an official answer on why it is that this game gets more buggy, laggy & unplayable with every update and why there is seemingly no testing/quality control of updates, that does not invovle the words "we are working on it / looking into it".

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