You wouldn’t think a game with this many bugs and errors is owned by a multi-million company.

Fortnite Battle Royale Halloween 1024x576 - You wouldn't think a game with this many bugs and errors is owned by a multi-million company.

Look, I am not going to lie, I do enjoy playing this game, but the amount of bugs and errors is actually unreal. Does BR make EPIC more money, probably yes, but is that an excuse to abandon and ignore StW? No.

Just from the top of my head these are some of the bugs and errors I have encountered from playing this game:

  • After completing a mission you will get no rewards. Literally nothing, you have just waste ammo, materials and most importantly, time.

  • If you are lucky enough to receive a level 6 reward chest after completing a mission, there is a high chance you will get the same loot rewards as a level 3-4 chest.

  • The matchmaking is awful, I don't know how this happens but you can be power level 70 and still get power level 20 people in your missions. This literally makes your squad have an entire less person in it who is just getting knocked over and over again. LOW POWER LEVEL PLAYERS SHOULD NOT BE IN THE SAME GAME AS HIGHER POWER LEVELS.

  • Expedition bug where it will say you have a 100% chance of successfully completing it, just to wait 16 hours for it to say it has failed.

  • Lag, the game will literally freeze for 2 seconds at a time, husks will disappear 2 seconds after killing them – and no, this has nothing to do with my PC or Internet, both are perfectly fine, this is something to do on EPICs side.

  • Audio lag, for some reason (especially on soldier after using the mini-gun) all bullet sounds and ambiance sound will just disappear until you reload.

  • EPIC said they added "dupe protection" in order to reduce the amount of duplicates you get from llamas, and from what I've noticed that is just a complete lie, there are hundreds of Reddit posts on here of people complaining about getting the same things over and over again from llamas.

  • Global chat, for the most part (before they decided to completely disable it) it was just filled with bots literally spamming the same link to a website that scams kids for real life currency, promising them in game items and loot. Now I am no genius but could they just not allow global chat to anyone that doesn't have a minimum amount of game time, so these power level 1 bot accounts that have never even been in game can no longer flood the chat.

  • "Trading" – notice how i put " ", because 98% of these people who want to trade will 100% be scammers. If the bots for some reason stop flooding the chat, a good amount of the real people in the global chat would be kids spamming "trade my homebase, type 123" or "invite me to trade!! have rly good 130 guns!!!" – I personally don't think trading is something that should be required in this game but I don't think there is a way of stopping these trades from happening, so just for the sake of keeping peoples loot safe, make a basic trading system where both players can inspect the item fully before agreeing on a trade which isn't done manually by dropping and running to pick up the other persons item.

I could go on and on with point after point of bugs and just general annoying things in this game. A game is something that should be enjoyable not something that brings so much frustration, this game is dying and that is 100% a fact. Just look at the state of this subreddit, every other post is just a bug or about something that ruined someones game experience. Everyone knows that Battle Royale is what made Fortnite explode, but to some people StW is the game that got them into it and those same people are quitting the game outright and at this point I doubt the game will make it out of early access. Feel free to comment all the other bugs I have left out for the small chance an EPIC employee see's this and maybe decide to do something about it.


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