Your Epic Games Account is Locked

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For anyone unaware earlier this month on March 4th, 2018 a "security bulletin" was posted under the Epic Account Support threads on their website. In this post it was released that player accounts had been compromised by "well-known hacking techniques". Why they chose not to distribute an email instead of this extremely obscure forum post is beyond comprehension, but that is a complaint for another time.

Ever since that day, I have been getting almost daily emails about my account being locked because of multiple failed log in attempts.

Immediately after the first one I went in and changed my password and added 2FA to my account, unfortunately this doesn't do much of anything to stop the failed log ins.

So okay, my first thought was to look on Epic's website for some account support. Unfortunately there seems to be absolutely NO account support whatsoever, the help portal on their webpage just sends you into an infinite loop of going from your account settings, back to the support page, and back into your account settings. Useless.


My next idea was to try using the "contact us" email that was provided in the account locked emails I was getting. So I spent my time typing something up for that, and hitting send. Only to get an instant reply from a bot telling me that the email account isn't actually monitored. Useless.

Okay, maybe I'll try the "need help?" link that is in the bottom of the email. Nope, this just sends me back to the help portal that doesn't actually provide any help for accounts. Useless.

So now I'm hoping that someone from Epic/Fortnite team sees this and can offer anything less useless than the "help" their website has been providing thus far in stopping my account from getting repeatedly locked for 2 hours a day.

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