Your lack of passion has shown, Epic.

FortniteBattleRoyale4 - Your lack of passion has shown, Epic.

Hey everyone,

It's been a while since I've done a write up like this. A very long time.

But with the recent roadmap, a disappointing Season X and no hopes for the game, Epic has shown they have truly given up with Fortnite. No wait, it's not Fortnite anymore is it. It's "Save the World", Fortnite is apparently a BR game, at least that's what everyone apart from a small fraction of us believe. But that's not what we need to talk about.

(Skip this part if you want to get to the juicy bits, Roadmap wasn't worth reading anyway)

Let's briefly break down the key points of the roadmap:

AFK / Leeching Improvements!

  • In-game AFK has been F.O.R.Tified!
    • We’ve significantly reduced the time before AFK players will be removed from matches.
    • Players not contributing in public matches will receive a warning message on their screen, their team will be alerted, and then automatically removed from the session if they haven’t shaped up.
    • Players who are not contributing to objectives will receive less rewards than those who are actively participating.

This sounds promising, but there's going to be a way for people to work around this. It's not fool proof. But it's the best part of the roadmap.

V11.01 (Week of 10/22)

  • Haunted Hotel QuestlineSuite Dreams, Commanders!
  • New Spooky OutlanderThe first rule of fright club is…
  • Gravedigger Returns!Send the Husks to their graves!

Are these going to be fetch quests again? Another new hero – ok. Gravedigger back for the 3rd time? Great. Next part is just more items returning, again.

V11.20 and onward!

  • Mythic Storm King
    • Prepare for battle, Commanders! Get ready to take on the Storm King in the most challenging battle that Save the World has ever seen. This fight features new mechanics, new challenges, and a daunting enrage timer. This fight will put even the strongest players to the test. Those who are able to overcome this challenge will have a chance to earn…

This is literally the only part of the patch notes that interested me, apart from AFK. But what incentive do people have to play the game again once they've beaten the boss once? It's just going to be another repetitive boss that gets boring quickly. We need content, more of it.

Locker Completion

I'm not getting into this shit. Cosmetic's aren't content. Nobody who has quit the game will consider coming back just to dress their character like a ginger bread man or some shit.

Now onto Epic's passion for the game.

We all have our agreements and disagreements on the sub – but one thing we can all agree with; is that Epic REALLY neglects the game. Their support for this game is like trying to keep a 1 legged asymmetrical table balanced. It. Doesn't. Work. When BR released in September 2017, it looked promising. It's not what we paid for back then, at all. Then BR blew up, epic completely fucked over Fortnite and renamed it "Save the World", and now BR is somehow "Fortnite". All because of money. Any passionate developer who has been working on a project for 7+ years, would look for a way to make more money in their main game, not push it to the side and let it eat shit while it's younger brother gets all the glory. I've said this before, and I will say it again. Fortnite has the potential to last years. FortniteBR on the other hand, can easily be cloned and/or beaten. While the BR mode is still the most popular BR project out there; Apex is much more fun and harder. The price of the cosmetic's is a joke just like FortniteBR, but it's still a great game. COD BR, never played it, never will. There's H1Z1, DayZ & so many more BR games; yet there is no game like Fortnite. So Epic, please tell me why you decide to neglect your long term project? Is it money? Of course it is.

FortniteBR makes you billions, yet you do NOTHING to push STW to make you even more money. Llama's clearly stopped working once everything became easy to earn through Gold – but why didn't you look at alternative methods to make money? Why doesn't STW get collabs like BR does? Why does BR get ALL the good stuff, and STW gets a dried out shitty patch note, every single week. How do you think those of us feel knowing that we pre ordered a product you aren't delivering while BR get all the fun? Sc4mm3r get's sc4mmed.


What the fuck?

I just wanted to choose that as a headline because it's exactly how the sub is feeling right now. What the fuck? Season X was trash. Magyst, you hyped up Season XI like it's going to turn the fucking game around as if Season X never happened. Yet as you can tell by the sub's reaction, you lied to us, again. What I want to know is, what is your actual plan for STW? Do you just want to milk purchases so you get as much money out of us as possible before shutting us down, or do you just plan to keep giving us false promises with the intent of creating false hype just to keep the herd in line? Don't forget, people pre ordered FORTNITE, 2 years ago. Yet we haven't received FORTNITE, 2 years later. Coming from someone who for the past 2 years, has had nothing but performance issues on Xbox (ask me if i've ever had 1 day where the game didn't lag/stutter/glitch out), constant game breaking bugs, a lack of support from the devs and watching as BR overshadows STW completely, even taking over it's birthday, is fucking pathetic.

What are we missing?

Since you like to cater to the BR crowd with their cosmetic's, here's some features that the community has been asking for, for a long time, yet we have no word about them at all. Taken from my post, 11 months ago.

  • FOV Slider – Epic, need I remind you, you turned your head and shrugged your shoulder's when people said they were having health issues because of this. What company does this?
  • Remove Gray Box in editing – Unwanted BR feature. We have no reason not to be able to see the other side of an edit.
  • Twine peaks story! Where is it? Have you given up on it?
  • More endgame content – that isn't fetch quests and completely repetitive. Anything.

DrVinderman - Your lack of passion has shown, Epic.

  • Make a Companion App where you can collect/spend Research Points, Start/redeem Expeditions, Manage Survivor Squads, add/manage Clans (More below), view current missions/mission rewards and more.
  • Clan/Guild system that plays can use to create a group of like-minded players. This system could potentially have weekly hat races (Rewards paid out by % placement in comparison to other clans…Most Bluglo Collected, Husks Killed, Mist Monsters Killed, Survivors Rescued, Missions Completed, Materials Harvested etc…). A clan chat, a clan queue (To request clannies to join you / join clannies) and maybe even a clan-sized SSD / multi-mission map (on scale of BR map?)
  • The ability to craft lower tiers of a weapon/trap after evolving schematics.
  • A new mechanic that allows you to only pick up weapons that were either found / crafted by the dropping user OR you were the one who crafted / found the weapon (This would 100% eliminate weapon trading BUT still allow friends to let each other use their weapons AND return them)
  • The ability to fine-tune "Play with Others" search by mission type OR see what mission you are doing prior to loading in.

There are more suggestions – but I will have to edit those in.

What do I think?

Epic clearly sees money > community. Meaning BR > everything else.

Those of us that pre ordered, should get given an option to refund. You are clearly never going to deliver what you promised, and you clearly don't have the passion to do so. We didn't pre order a BR game, we pre ordered a co-op sandbox survival game. Instead we get treated like shit and tossed to the side. Fuck it, give EVERYONE an option to refund the game. It is still "early access" after all – and has been for over 2 years. Plus, you're going to be shutting the game down like you did Paragon, and you also cancelled unreal tournament because BR is where the money is.

I loved this game, but I think we can all agree the game isn't going to last long. At least when you shut Fortnite down, do us the honour of renaming the game to Fortnite Battle Royale, since that's what it is.

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