Your level does not matter, get off your high horse.

Fortnite Battle Royale Halloween 1024x576 - Your level does not matter, get off your high horse.

Alright guys, a quick rant incoming which I think is extremly important and can save alot of players a ton of frustration.

  • Communicate

Level 125, 100, 80, 50, 20. I do not give a shit about your level, when you enter a game and you're a higher level by far than your team, you have spent more time on the game, obviously, this does not grant you special access to treat your fellow players like brain-dead defects holding you back.

By starting a game, all players whatever level they happen to be should understand that a lot of BS can be solved by asking or just talking to the players who end up in the same game as you.

Want to do an SC? Ask your team if anyone wants to join and give them time to answer.

You don't want the SC? Tell the ones asking "No thanks, but I could help you out if you want". I personally feel that when you get in a game with other players that you should at least be able to cover each others back.

  • Building

Oh this is my personal favourite, if there is a constructor in game, for the love of god at least give them a chance to build before you start to give them shit and tell them what and how to do stuff.

THERE IS NOT ONE SINGLE CORRECT WAY TO BUILD A BASE, just because everyone didnt have your ideal build in mind when they started off building there is no need to start laughing and taunting their build, I've seen this way to many times and it's such a shitty behaviour.

Can't stress this enough, if it works, it works. No need to fix it, we are all different kind of players and I'm pretty sure noone starts building up with their 3k mats for 5 minutes to create a base that is meant for you to lose.

Questioning builds and try to get your head around their idea in a respectful manner is always the way to go, still worried? Make sure to build yourself a trusty funnel to ease the mission up.


On the other end however, if someone tries giving you feedback on your build, get off your high horse and listen. I'm reaching level 100+ and I'm still getting to learn shit every day from all kinds of players. Fortnite is a constantly evolving game, and keeping up with everything yourself and personal experiences alone is not going to happen.

  • Mind your surroundings

By going to your inventory and look up the objectives Tab on the top left corner you can see peoples contribution score, I'm not asking you to take this score literally because it can be cheesed in many factors, but if one person happens to build the entire base, funnels and contribute traps and another team mate wants to get going with the mission, don't throw shit on the one who spent their entire arsenal to get your entire team to get by because that single guy is out farming for a bit, at least ask him to come back to help to begin with.

On the other end, if you as a person spent the game building everything, you are not entitled to sit on your ass for the rest of the game. Ask your team if it's ok for you to stay farming for a bit and let then know that you will be ready to help out whenever things start going down hill, communication is key for a healthy community.

There is alot more points to poke at but I really don't want to kill people suffering from reading fatuige already, if it happens to get good feedback I'll try my best to make a part 2.

This is going to be a good time to spill your guts down in the comments aswell, dialogues are important, always. And take in consideration that there is not always one right, and personal preferenses is also extremly important to take in mind.

TL;DR, Be nice to your fellow players, stop acting entitled and make sure have an open mind for the sake of more games coming out on the positive side of the spectrum. In Fortnite there is not one correct way to do things, and your level does not matter, treat all players with respect.

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