Your Role in the Fight – Heroes And Abilities Guide

FortniteBattleRoyale2 - Your Role in the Fight - Heroes And Abilities Guide

It happened to everyone, you, me and probably your friends. You start the game and then you see these 4 classes, and you wonder to yourself “Mmh, which one should I pick?”

This guide should help you determine what class would fit you the best and what abilities would also suit your play-style better and their current state among the community.

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The 4 main classes and characters

These are the 4 classes you can pick from:


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Kyle and Penny (Constructors)

One the most useful classes, but also one of the least used in my opinion. With their B.A.S.E ability, they provide a great defense for objectives and are a total game-changer when it comes to harder missions, significantly making things much safer. Since their focus is mostly defense, they lack a bit in the combat department, but you can still make viable builds with them. Their main role would be defense.


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A.C and Jess (Outlanders)

A good class to have and a fun class to play too, Outlanders are one of the most flexible classes in the game. They are the staple farmers of the game, possessing abilities solely for that purpose, but they can also be focused into niche ability builds or weapon builds. One thing to note is that cool down managing is important, since their abilities usually have long ones. Their main roles would be attack-defense.


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Ken and Sarah (Ninjas)

The most mobile class by far, they possess two jumps by default (and more with certain perks!) and can also be make use of many of their abilities to move from place to place. They also possess really strong melee perks, but their downside is that they are very vulnerable to enemies and they possess really low health compared to the rest, so you need to be careful. Their defining role would be crowd control, but they can also be attackers.


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Jonesy and Ramirez (Soldiers)

Soldiers are the ranged fighters by default. They possess really strong perks related to pumping lead into the enemy and can also make use of their abilities when found in dangerous situations or when surrounded by enemies. They don’t really possess many downsides, but a common complaint is that their abilities aren’t as strong as they used to be. They are really good attackers or DPS.

With that said, next I’ll list every ability at the moment and a small description of what they do:

Constructor Abilities

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From Left to Right: Bull Rush, Decoy, Plasma Pulse, Rosie & Goin' Constructor

B.A.S.E – As previously said, this ability (now class perk) is essential to all defensive constructors, and all constructors have it. It can be selected on the trap menu and it’s really useful along the Banner gadget.

Bull Rush – An ability really useful to escape from dangerous situations. You pull out your shield and you start running forward in the chosen direction, pinning any enemies that get in your way. Useful for melee constructors.

D.E.C.O.Y – A useful crowd control ability that distracts all enemies besides mini-bosses and mist monsters that also serves as a tool to “transport” enemies to a desired place.

Plasma Pulse – A small device that spews out energy mines that deal AoE damage to any enemies close enough.

R.O.S.I.E – A giant mountable turret that can be used by anyone in your team that deals physical damage. It possesses an overheating mechanic, but in general it’s not too viable because of its poor range and survivability.

Goin’ Constructor – Useful for melee constructors, it strips you into melee and gives you a shield to cover you from the front and a big hammer to bash enemies with.


Outlander Abilities

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From Left to Right: Seismic Smash, Phase Shift, TEDDY & Shock Tower

Anti-Material Charge – Same as B.A.S.E, it was previously an ability but it is now a class perk. When alt-clicking with your pickaxe, the outlander will punch in a forward motion. It can be used as a farming ability and as a self-defense tool.

Seismic Smash – A reliable ability with an ok cool down, you smash the ground with a punch and create an energy fissure that damages and knocks back any enemies affected by it.

Phase Shift – A really useful movement ability, the user does a quick dash in the desired direction that lets them escape from any situation or can also be used in an offensive manner.

T.E.D.D.Y – Deploy a big metal robot bear that shoots whatever is in sight. Useful for clearing encampments or getting rid of a lot of enemies quickly.

Shock Tower – Deploy an electric device that shocks any enemies close to it. Really useful for stunning and damaging a group of enemies, but with a really short duration.

Ninja Abilities

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From Left to Right: Dragon Slash, Kunai Storm, Throwing Stars, Crescent Kick & Smoke Bomb

Dragon Slash – The bread and butter of any offensive ninja, a really useful crowd control ability that damages enemies in the shape of an arch that moves you forward into any direction and lets you go through any enemy too.

Kunai Storm – Vault into the air and hurl a barrage of kunai at your enemies dealing significant damage. It can also be used as a movement ability to “climb” out of reach surfaces.

Throwing Stars – Throw stars that deal physical damage in a straight line. It can be better with certain perks.

Crescent Kick – One of the least useful abilities of the Ninja, execute a spin-kick that damages and stuns and damages any affected enemies.

Smoke Bomb – Throw a bomb of smoke into the ground that slows down enemies and damages them too. It’s a useful AoE ability.

Soldier Abilities

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From Left to Right: Frag Grenades, Shockwave, War Cry, Lefty and Righty & Goin' Commando

Frag Grenades – As their name says, these grenades can deal a powerful blast a group of enemies, and if the right perks are used, they can be very lethal. They are good to have.

Shockwave – Another close quarters ability, Shockwave is an ability that lets the soldier create an energy blast that damages and knocks back any enemy close enough to the radius of it. In a way, it works as an escape tool.

War Cry – In my opinion, one of the most useful abilities for a soldier and its teammates. It grants its user and its teammates +45% weapon damage, +30% fire rate, and +20% melee attack speed for 12 seconds respectively.

Left and Righty – Along with Goin’ Commando, it could be better. You pull out two pistols with infinite ammo until it ends, with which you can kill as much enemies as you want as fast as you can. You also can’t run and you’re vulnerable to enemy attacks.

Goin’ Commando – It has the same principle as L&R, but this time, you pull out a Minigun with a really high fire-rate, but the trade-off is that you can’t run and you’re vulnerable for its duration.

I hope this guide was useful for anyone reading it. And remember, take this guide only as a way to help you choose, it’s not meant to tell you do this or do that, always choose what you prefer and what is the most fun for you. That’s all – DaveySan7

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