11bit should release the EXACT hidden achievement requirements

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Through 6 playthroughs now, I've been trying to unlock Golden Path, at both hard and normal.

These are the adaptation laws I always sign, on both hard and normal:

Doesn't work for me. I've had the "didn't cross the line" ending 5 times already.

"It's the temple or the propaganda center! That's what prevents the achievement! Faith Keepers and prison are fine though."

Doesn't work for me

"Ah, no, it's the prison or faith keepers! Those prevent it!"

Okay, getting tricky, but by some miracle I've managed to finish the game with the Londoners not leaving, without either the prison OR the propaganda center on normal difficulty. Still doesn't unlock it.


"What you do is dance they hokey-pokey for an hour before your play session, sacrifice a chicken hallal, wear red underwear, but only on a saturday."

Nope, still doesn't do it.

"What you should do is X"

Alright, screw this!

I'm now fed up with this and simply want 11bit to realize their achievements are borked. How borked? Don't know. Nobody seems to know exactly what the requirements are.

11bit, please tell us what the requirements are supposed to be exactly? That way I can confirm in what ways they're bugged and send you a report. Don't be squeamish about spoilers now. It's clear you dun goofed and need the help fixing it.

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