A few ways to spice up Endless mode

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Since endless mode pretty much devolves into becoming extremely samey around day 40-50, when your city is so developed and you're so bloated with resources that the storms just become a temporary nuisance, it would be nice to have a few additions to the mode to spice up playthroughs more than just random natural hazards, and incorporate more elements from the main scenarios in the process.

  1. Social Hazards – Natural hazards just put up a resource bottleneck for a week most of the time then resolves itself. Taking from the New Home scenario, there should be a random social issue among the citizens that takes hold in your city between storms. Prime example would be people who want an exodus out of the city like the Londoners in the main story. Other hazards could include religious fanatics/Law enforcement creating social issues based on whether you picked Faith or Order. Those who pick Order would have to deal with an upstart religious cult who reject Order and if their followers get too high, they can forcibly flip your laws to follow the Faith path, and the reverse be possible for those who pick Faith, with elements of the city wanting more hands-on practical leadership and rejecting religion.

  2. Saboteurs/Rioters – for builders mode especially, but can be applied in Endurance, a potential hazard can rise where people sabotage the generator/other buildings in protest of your rule if discontent becomes too high or you ignore requests repeatedly like keeping standard work hours or to stop serving soup, causing generator breakdowns like in the Fall of Winterhome where you need to set up repair stations and get everything back in working condition, or have to rebuild buildings that burned down if saboteurs burned the Propaganda Center, Prison, etc.

  3. More hazards for scouts – In endless, the only real threat to scouts is exploring the Dreadnoughts without spending resources to do it safely. Adding more hazards like Telsa City and saving survivors from bears in A New Home would be great to keep scouting a little more than just a mindless point-and-click task between storms, areas where they need to risk crossing a ravine to progress through or an event where they're ambushed by wolves/bears would be a nice spice-up.

  4. I've also thought about if there was a way to solve natural hazards yourself, rather than just waiting on a 6 day timer to finish up. Like having the option to inspect and repair the generator if you get congested pipes in order to fix it yourself, but I can't think of many ways this could be done.

If anyone has any other ideas, I'd love to see them!

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