A little unbalanced at the end?

3890 1024x576 - A little unbalanced at the end?

So I just finished my first full play through of A New Home on normal, or whichever one the main one is. I restarted half a dozen times as I learnt stuff the hard way (like, people can get sick walking through the cold between two livable areas).


I noticed that the difficulty seems to completely drop off about halfway through the game? Resources become essentially limitless and I went into the storm with 40k coal, 16 months of food and essentially nobody working. The only real tricky part was getting all the sick refugees and having to figure that out since all my cores were used up on automatons (I had no infirmaries at that stage since literally no person had gotten seriously ill)

Do the higher difficulties address this type of power creep or is the end of the scenario generally just a cakewalk? The first half of the scenario was amaaaazing since labor was scarce and hard choices had to be made, but that dried up quick.

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