A New Home – Survivor. Need help, I keep hitting various failure points.

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So I recently got back into playing Frostpunk again and decided to try my hand at survivor mode.

After probably a dozen tries (or more) over the last week I've read various threads, and various tips and tricks and tried multiple starts to various degrees of success, but no ultimate win.

  • Child Labor-Safe Jobs Start – Started off with Child Labor, and this tends to be my most effective early game start. However, every time I try this start, I end up with Research shortages, and on my best run, just simply didn't have the tech to keep up with the storyline and didn't even have Tier 4 researched and the storm was approaching and freezing Tesla City.
  • Emergency Shifts->Extended Shifts Start – This start helps with some early research, and sometimes I went child labor, and sometimes I went Engineer Apprentices. However, I find that this route I frequently end up with either a ton of sick people, or a ton of starving people. My best run on this setup got me to stabilize somewhat effectively, but I ended up losing because of a bug with streets not building correctly to a critical coal mine and ended up losing heat at -70 degrees and consequently freezing my entire city.
  • Beacon Rush Start – I read a thread where someone talked about how scouts are effectively a way to gain resources in the night, and getting early survivors/resources 'en masse' is a good way to get around the labor shortage early on. Unfortunately, every time I've tried this start, my discontent rises greatly, and I've not found a good way to manage housing needs, food, medicine, etc. In fact this start seems the most volatile as it tries to forgo nearly every other early research benefit (hunter gear, faster gathering, heating hubs/heaters, etc) and I find myself losing way too many people early on for this to seem effective…

Overall, I've gotten a little frustrated because I can't seem to find the stabilization rate and the best way to complete this scenario on survivor mode. On my most recent runs I've been getting further and further along but ultimately my biggest problem is too many sick people and too many starving people. I just can't ever seem to have enough food. I frequently use hunters huts, but should I try to supliment with a hothouse? Hunters huts are so ineffecient until you reduce the number of hunters needed by 5, but that isn't until tier 3.


Any tips on strategies would be greatly appreciated. On survivor I've read that Child Labor is really hard to leverage late game because of how long it takes to research things, and that Engineer apprentices is better, but I've found that it's hard to get over that early game labor shortage hump without child labor.

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