A Possible War System for the “On The Edge” Scenario

Frostpunk 3 1024x576 - A Possible War System for the "On The Edge" Scenario

Since the last DLC didn't feature a war mechanism, I came up with an hypothetical way to implement it. This is unthinkable for the main scenario of the DLC, but it would fit in endless mode.

Part 1: An Army

Section 1: Composition of an Army and Stats

An Army is a unit, like scouts and outpost teams, composed by various divisions, which in turn are made up by a single troop type. Divisions have different stats, which are:

  • Manpower: How many men are in that division;
  • HP: The total health points of a division;
  • Attack: The total attack of that division;
  • Defense: A percentage which reduces damage taken;
  • Speed: The movement speed of a single division.

The sum of the stats of all division make up the total stats of an army, except for speed, which is determined by the division with the lowest speed.

Section 2: How to create a division and an Army.

To create a division, the player has to access a new building, the War Camp. In this building, they have to decide what division they want to create, and its size. Small divisions are made up by only 5 men, medium are composed by 10 men, while large divisions consist of a whole 15 men. The differences are obvious, larger divisions provide with more stats but are more expensive.

A division has a cost in weapons, and it can be optionally outfitted with armor for more defense.

To create an army, a player has to choose one or more division from the War Camp and merge them into a singe unit, which then appears over the city like a scout. An army can be disbanded, in which case the player will obtain back all of the division used. Divisions can be disbandend as well, obtaining back all men and equipment used.

Section 3: Creating Equipment

Equipment like weapons and armor are made in new buildings like the Weapons Workshop and Arms Factory, just like prosthetics or automatons are made.

For infantry, there are 2 types of weapons: Melee and Ranged.

Melee weapons provide with more attack but less defense, while ranged weapons are safer but less damaging.

In addition to infantry weapons, players will also be able to build things like artillery, tanks, etc. Those are built in separate factories and used to create other types of divisions.

Equipment will need storage, so for simple weapons the Army Warehouse building (reference intended) will suffice, while for vehicles a hangar is needed.

Section 4: Troop Types

Divisions are classified in 5 categories, which are:

  • Infantry;
  • Vehicles and Mounted;
  • Artillery;
  • Automatons and Mechs;
  • Flying Vehicles and Troops.

Part 2: Defense

Section 1: City Defense

With this system, if a settlement is attacked or is distrustful against you, it may send an army towards your city. To defend against the attack, the player can build walls, guard towers, automated gun turrets and even use the divisions they have not sent out.


I'd imagine an army attacking you similiar to a wave in They Are Billions.

Section 2: Outpost Defense

If a player wants to defend an outpost, they have to send an army there and tell them ton entrench. This will require resources daily, but it will give a defense and attack boost to the Army in case of attack.

Part 3: A Battle

If an army were to meet an enemy army in the Frostland, a battle will start. Battles are resolved automatically, with the player having no control of them. The way battles work is simple: Both armies will damage eac other, and when a certain part of HP is lost, a man will fall, reducig the army's attack and defense. Battles will continue like this until one army has no more men. A Battle in an enemy city is resolved in the same way.

Part 4: The 'Army' Tech Tree

Here's the new tech tree.

I'll Go ahead and explain some techs, the ones that aren't self explanatory.

Machine Assisted Tailoring, Streamlined Production, Factory Mechanization: Reduces the time needed to make respectively armors, weapons and vehicles by 50%.

All the techs with the word 'Redesigned': Reduce the materials needed to make armor, weapons and vehicles by 20%.

Army Warehouse and Hangar Upgrade: Increase the capacity by 50%.

Part 5: Some Examples of Weapons and Troops Types

Section 1: Infantry Weapons

Tesla Zapper: A weapon that shoots out lightning that chains between foes.

Geyser: A flamethrower-like weapon, but instead of flames it's hot steam.

Hand Cannon: Pretty Self Explanatory

Steam Spear: A spear which shoots out steam when swung.

Spring-Loaded Halberd: An halberd which extends its spear part.

Hand Drill: Pretty Self Explanatory

I have 25 ranged weapons and 25 melee weapon in total, but I won't describe asll of them for the sake of time.

Section 2: Cavalry

Mechanized Lancers: As seen in The Last Autumn

Pegasus: A mechanical horse with mechanical wings.

Bear Cavalry: Men riding Polar Bears domated via electric collars.

I could go on and on, but I'll stop here. This was just an example of how many (IMO) cool steampunk things you could create with this setting.

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