A virus scenario for Frostpunk?

frostpunk 3 - A virus scenario for Frostpunk?

Hey! I guess I don't need to elaborate which real life event inspired me to think about this scenario, and I'm not sure if it has been suggested before, but here we go!

Sooo, I think a scenario based around a previously unknown lethal coldborne virus would be pretty neat. Here are some of my ideas (feel free to add yours as well!):

-New resources: masks and medicinal herbs. Masks would be small steel devices fitted with a simple mechanical filter. They would offer some protection to people against the virus, and could be produced in a factory. Medicinal herbs could be used to treat infected people and give them a chance to survive & accelerate their healing. These herbs could be produced in hothouses (you could toggle hothouses between producing either food or herbs).

-New buildings: quarantine dwelling. Once medical posts and infirmaries are at full capacity, citizens with confirmed infection could live there in isolation from the rest of the city, slowing the spread of the virus (or they could be sent there right away). They couldn't be healed there, just wait for a sickbed to open up for them. Also, a crematory building (requiring coal to function) would make more sense than a cemetery or a body pit to slow down the infection rate. The dead bodies of those killed by the virus would be dangerous after all, so burning them would be a sensible solution.


-New technologies: a new tech tree related to the virus. More effective (and cheaper) masks, growing herbs faster, etc. A lot of possibilities.

-New Frostland location: an empty city similar to yours that was wiped out by the virus. Your scouts could loot some masks and medicinal herbs here.

-New event chains: citizens fighting for masks. A paranoid group lynching people who show the early symptons of the disease. Families stealing masks, herbs, and food from warehouses to hoard them. Workers refusing to go to work in fear of the virus. The possibility of banishing the infected. Engineers demanding more masks and herbs than workers (or vica versa). Portions of the city's food supply ruined by the virus. Children being seemingly immune, so some engineers proposing the idea of experimenting on them. Again, the possibilities are endless, but you would have some tough decisions to make.

-New laws: no real ideas here. Do you have any?

This scenario would last for around 30-50 days, and it wouldn't focus on the cold and heating that much, so the temperature wouldn't fall below -40 C° (only during storms, which would be pretty rare). So what do you think about a scenario like this? How would you name this virus?

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