A walking tour of Snowdrop

frostpunk 3 - A walking tour of Snowdrop

Hello, and welcome to Snowdrop Tours! As our city has several automatons which have not proven essential so far, they've authorized us to give tours using one of the automatons that has been sitting idle. Just sit back and relax as you get to see all the sights in warmth and comfort previously unavailable outdoors!

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First we see the generator, the roaring heart of our city. Chances are, you contributed to its construction in some way!

Here we see "Medical Row", home to the famous* automated infirmary and to the shrine of healing!

*This statement has not yet been backed up by opinion surveys.

Here's a close up on the automated infirmary. If you fall off, you may end up going there! Please do not fall off on purpose!

Next is our famous* temple, where services are held semi-regularly

*Within this city

Next, our crowning jewels, the archive and the grand gardens! A dedicated steam hub heats both the gardens and the public space behind it, providing a comfortable space for discussion.

These are our automated hothouses, which supply a significant portion of our city's food without any need for human intervention. Note that getting an unparalleled view such as this one requires the automaton to shift extremely close to the edge, and that you are reminded not to move while riding the automaton.


Looking across the ravine we can see Colonial Square, the largest unbroken public space within the city. Due to "Safety concerns" our automaton is not allowed there.

Our next destination is the industrial district, where we see the mighty coal thumpers at work, and behind them the factory where this and all other automatons originate.

Once again looking across the ravine, we see one of the most underrated areas in the city. A garden and small public square with a nice convenient steam hubs. Not recommended for families with small children.

As our engineers frantically leaf through the manual, we'd like to call your attention to the beacon and not to the corpse pit nearby. We'd also like to remind you that customers are not to tamper with the automaton in any way, unless engineers are running after them shouting instructions, in which case they should follow the instructions exactly.

Past the beacon and warehouses, you'll find a soft convenient snowbank, ideal for cushioning your fall after jumping off a malfunctioning automaton.

This concludes our tour! We hope you'll come again!

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