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Hi All,

I've been trying for a while now but for some reason i am not able to unlock the following achievements. i first noticed an issue when the first achievement I unlocked was the golden path. I tried few more times and even tried to reload my save file but no luck. In the list below I am confident I should have unlocked these achievements but have not.

Advanced Designs – Have an Advanced Coal Mine, Advanced Wall Drill and Advanced Steelworks at the same time (On A New Home I have maxed out all resource gathering building but still no luck)

Expats – Set up 2 Outposts in one playthrough (This I have no idea why it is still locked, I always created two Outposts in A New Home)

City of Steam – Have 15 automatons at the same time (I am not sure if this is map specific, but I have built 17 Automatons and still nothing. Also to note i didn't unlock the achievement to build an Automaton until I did the Fall of Winterhome).

City of Man – Have more than 650 people in the city at the same time (I've done playthroughs with nearly 700 people)

Unskilled Labour – Finish any scenario without constructing Steam or Advanced buildings (Did this on Fall of Winterhome and no luck)

Urban Planner – Have 300 people living in the heat zone of a single Steam Hub (Thought this will be easy by upgrading Steam Hub range….still waiting)

Carnivore – Having a choice, finish a scenario using only Hunters (Most of my original playthroughs relied on Hunter Huts only but no luck)

Autonomous City – In a city of at least 200, have automatons working in more than half of workplaces (I think I should have unlocked this on The Arks, tried several times but nothing).

Leader – Finish the New Home scenario (I have no idea why this has not unlocked yet, did several run of A New Home)

Iron Man (New Home) – Finish the New Home scenario on Hard difficulty (Managed to get Golden Path on Hard, my first achievement but not this)

Compassionate – In the New Home scenario, accept all groups of refugees (I never rejected any refugees and have rescued everyone. Still nothing)


United – In the New Home scenario, don't let anyone leave for London (Thought this would be easy, just convince everyone to stay…. still nothing)

Lost Souls – In the New Home scenario, save every person in Frostland (I have no idea if I have missed anyone or if there is a hidden area I am missing, but I have explored all areas and still nothing)

The Saviour – Finish the New Home scenario with no deaths from cold, hunger, sickness or overwork (Not sure about this one, I am assuming no one can fall sick at all but need confirmation)

The Iron Saviour – Finish the New Home scenario with no deaths from cold, hunger, sickness or overwork on Hard difficulty (I have done runs with 0 deaths, heck even the father that went looking for his daughter came back but still nothing)

Iron Man (Fall of Winterhome) – Finish the Fall of Winterhome scenario on Hard difficulty. (Did this recently, followed a twitch streamers build but nothing)

Full House – Have over 700 population (Does Automaton count for this, I've had 709 in A New Home)

Notting Hollow – Have over 600 population living in Houses only (Have gone well above 600 several times)

Backup Plan – Stockpile 35 000 Coal and 10 000 Food Rations (I have managed to stock 60k coal, 20k wood, 20k steel and 12k food and still nothing).

I am not sure if achievements are just bugged as I have seen some people have these already unlocked. I am also thinking some of these achievements are map specific, for example: I only got the achievement for building my first Automaton on The Refugee. But then again I have also not unlocked some simple achievements for completing a stage like Leader.

I know new achievements were added with DLC which I do not have so maybe some of these achievements are part of the DLC.

Anyone able help me out?

Achievements I have unlocked so far

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