Advice of “The Refugees” scenario

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Hey guys, I just finished "The Refugees" on normal (accepted all lords except the ones that wanted to die in Frostland, resolved class conflict). I intend to try it (and the other two before it) on hard difficulty soon and I have some questions based on my experiences with the first playthrough.

1) Should I transition to using industrial hothouses over hunting hangars? I ended up with wayyyy more steam cores than I could possibly use because of how much space I needed for housing.

2) Are houses worth it on higher difficulties? I got by with a bunch of steam hubs and bunkhouses.

3) On hard, are two scouting parties enough to explore all of Frostland?

4) When the sick lords arrive, should I use triage?

5) Is there any reason to choose the "heal all the sick lords" option over the "expand medical facilities" option? The second goal is so much easier.


6) I didn't need to enact "Child Labour – All Jobs" because of the massive amount of adult workers that show up in the midgame. Is this something I can get away with on hard?

Overall, I found this scenario to be harder than "A New Home" and wayyyy harder than "The Arks" (which was really easy). I was kind of disappointed that there was no storm to survive after the class conflict was resolved. "A New Home" (for me) got much harder towards the end but "The Refugees" was the complete opposite.

Still, this game is a masterpiece.

Thanks for any advice you can offer, guys!

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