Afterthoughts and motifs of [On The Edge].

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as we know 11bit studios has been making some amazing narrative stories.

Although they really made Frostpunk into a really immersive city building with some amazing gameplay elements. It made me question a bit to why felt a bit underwhelming when completing the scenario twice. It made me felt as if it was lacking something and thus me having a think about it for a day.

Revisiting our impressions of "The Last Autumn" The expansion which gave a fresh breath of life into the Frostpunk universe we got to see the world before it fell apart, new elements of , , spoiled us as players, here's to hoping what PROJECT RECONQUEST (name at that time) what other new elements will it bring to the future.

Fast forward about 8 months, the game was delayed slightly (this is acceptable due to everything that is happening to the world) but our "expectations" were raised due to the time required and all the in-game hints to things that may come, theories of scenarios of what may come, not to mention RECONQUEST and something resembling TRAINS!!!!.

"On the Edge" arrived, we got similar laws to base game. There was some new gameplay mechanics. But we didn't' have the WOW factor from what we felt from The Last Autumn, it didn't have a dramatic ending, it didn't give me a real satisfaction that I completed the game. And so, i played again to achieve a different ending. Again, its the same, there are challenging bits to this scenarios but it really didn't give me a sense of achievement or may say it was addicting compared to previous chapters:

trying to get every single piece of steel you for the dreadnaught

trying to save the other city whilst trying to make sure the mission doesn't fail and getting that every bit of coal you can find before the storm hits.

The race against time to build the generator that may be humanity's only hope of survival in the impending months of doom.


and then, I stopped thinking of the game. and looked at the world around us, isn't it what we are facing right now. The last few months i believe has been different for all of us. The story isn't about celebrating the achievements we accomplished, its about getting through it and finding forgiveness and helping others in need. Its about when shit hits the fan, you pull yourself together and try to collaborate with others and thrive together, at the same time providing assistance for those who need it.

It may not have the same rewarding feeling as the previous chapters but it is The Story that's really reflective of what is seriously happening in our world currently. The greatest enemy is not the storm but the discord. The greatest problem sometimes isn't the issue, it's sometimes humanity itself. Just like "This War of Mine" is about the stories of civilians trying to survive during wartime, thus their own war; is about being pushed to your breaking point, and seeing how much are you willing to forgive for the greater good of society, for humanity.

– Its not the gameplay/achievements feels lackluster, its supposed to make the players feel so because this time the main focus might be more on the story thus influencing on the mechanics on the game. Therefore the final "quest" of the game; the alternate "rejection quest" may I say is slightly more difficult but I believe its more of a punishment for your actions.

This is definitely The story The World needs, and i think its really not only about gameplay.

Of course, there will be other real-life game development factors, but I like to think this is the message in "On The Edge"

In the end, i have to admit, i still liked the expansion it gave us new mechanics and gave the challenge of Frostpunk. Well done 11bit studios, I can't wait for the next title you guys develop. I really like how 11bit has taken their vision to "make meaningful games", I believe in this modern world we need more games like this as a resonating medium, similar to "This War of Mine".

That being said, it still doesn't change the fact I'll be giving my fellow citizens sawdust burgers tonight.. mmmmm YUM.

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