Alternate/parallel scenario concepts: essentially these are meant to parallel the scenarios already in game

frostpunk 4 - Alternate/parallel scenario concepts: essentially these are meant to parallel the scenarios already in game

credit to donairian on the 11 bit studios discord for this first one

winterhome: 'Entering New Cardiff was like entering a tomb, rows of unheated houses with frozen bodies huddled together for warmth in their final moments, in the middle of it all was the generator. Covered with snow and the coal reserves picked clean, it looks like it hasn't been on for some time, in trepidation our people unload from the dreadnought and begin sifting through the ruins of the lost city''

~ ''We will have to make do''

essentially this scenario is based on the idea of the people of winterhome finding a city that failed like theirs, and trying to make the most of their second chance at survival. you start with some techs unlocked already, but must deal with the mess the previous people left behind. takes place on canyon

refugees: "i had hoped refugees would find and set up this site for us, or perhaps that the lords i brought with me would listen to reason and work. apparently i was wrong on both accounts. on our journey to the city we saw crowds of corpses, people who died in their sleep before they could make it to the site."

-"the royal family is coming behind us. i can only hope we are still alive when they get here"

essentially this time none of the refugees get to the city, and so you must deal with lords reluctant to work. insteead of adaptation and purpose, you have survival and comfort laws. survival is similar to the adaptation book, and comfort laws are basically expensive luxaries that can get the reluctant lords to work. the divide only gets worse when the royal family gets there. takes place on the refugees map

a new home: "we had tried to get to london, hoping it was better than the tyranny new london was becoming. we had stopped and tried to get back when we saw the storm. they refused us, and so we went to the only place we knew still had heat, tesla city."

-"we will sift through the ruins of progress gone too far and hope its enough"


basically the londoners have to try to figure out how to survive in the ruins of a city built by a mad genius. the steamcore factory is key to their survival, but can they figure out the electricity based heating system before they die of the cold? takes place on a modified version of the crags map

arks: "we were the last of the dreadnoughts, the last of the people to head north. we thought we would find a thriving frostland, dotted with the smoke of generators. instead all we see is one smoke pillar off on the horizon."

-"we must try to advance before the worsening weather kills us all"

the people of new manchester expected there to be society, ready to help them survive. when they got to the frostlands they found nothing but a generator site and a single smoke pillar off in the distance. can they advance enough to survive before help comes? takes place on the flats map

and finally, The Last Autumn: "the government tried to steal our work from us, but we refused. using the very same boat we left on we returned to the product of our hard work, the new liverpool site. we came to find the remnants of our camp in ruins, ravaged by the early storms of the dark years, with corpses and the ruins of a train on tracks on the edge of the ice wall. the french had tried to use this site but died trying to get there. we must now try to get the site ready before the people of liverpool get to their new home"

-"i hope our labor wasnt for nothing"

as with winterhome, you start with a couple techs, but must deal with the mess the dark years made of the site. the generator still stands, but will it be enough? the people of liverpool are coming, and you must prepare the site for their arrival so you can all survive. take place on the TLA map


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