Alternative approach to pop control w/ frugality.

frostpunk 3 - Alternative approach to pop control w/ frugality.

I was trying to do Extreme Deathless Winterhome Scenario and I was constantly running into food shortages, high discontent, lack of steel/food and way too much population.

That forced me to experiment and I believe I've found amazing population/growth control method.

It all revolves around Care Houses, Sustain Life and Sawdust. Let me highlight few details about how things work:

  • Care House (25w, 5s)
    • Can hold 20 Amputees or Gravely Ill people
    • Acts as a housing for its inhabitants, making it the most space-efficient way to "store" people
    • People inside consume only 50% of the food they normally would
    • Prevents Gravely Ill from dying
    • Prevents Amputees from suiciding
    • Has amazing heat insulation (base 2, max 4)
  • Food Additives
    • Makes people ill and eventually Gravely ill when untreated
    • Increases base food production by 50%, which is twice as good as Soup
    • Doesn't increase discontent like Soup
  • Sustain Life
    • Allows you to store Gravely Ill people in medical buildings indefinitely
    • Prevents amputations, saving you a lot of steel in long run

Moving people into Care Houses basically "puts them to ice", decreasing their food and space requirements. This is extremely useful in situations where you have more workforce than you can utilize, which is especially true in late-game when you have many Automatons and also in Winterhome scenario.


So, when you have more people than you need you just need to make people sick. This is easily done by just shutting down Generator or Steam Hubs. People will fall ill, and in one day (on extreme) they will be moved into Care Houses.

Once you build necessary infrastructure to support them OR you just need them you can just man the infirmaries to bring them back to 'life', which takes ~12 hours with proper upgrades/laws.

Summary of benefits of this method:

  • Food efficiency. Both Sawdust and Care Houses are extremely food efficient, which means less workforce necessary on gathering/processing food
  • Space efficiency. Normally you need 8 spaces to house 10 people, Care Houses allow for 33% denser storage at 12 spaces for 20 people. Care Houses can be built at the edges of your colony to further save space (you don't need to heat them as much as houses)
  • Coal Efficiency. Care houses are well insulated and they're not affected by low heat levels as the people in there are already sick, so they don't need heating from Generator/Steam Hubs unless you're in storm (and even then Faith's Rations and Heaters make them work until -100 degrees)
  • Steel saving as you don't have to make Prosthetics
  • No discontent increase from Soup and Amputations, which means more overtime and thus more production
  • Precision population control. Moving population into Care Houses takes 1 day, moving them out between 12h and 1 day.

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