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  1. Mod support planned
  2. Endless release date: soon.
  3. The new maps for the endless mode: "The Flatland", "The Canyon", and "Rugged Trail". The video in the AMA was the Canyon. You can also plan on "The Crater", which is the same as 'A New Home' map.
  4. No Ice Zombies
  5. Frostpunk Battle Royale possible, not yet confirmed 5.5. Frostpunk Immortal confirmed.
  6. No using people as fuel.
  7. New gameplay mechanics on the way: freezing steam cores, various temporary modifiers like Strong Winds that slow expedition speed by 50% and more.
  8. There's a lootbox-easter egg already in the game.
  9. There will be two versions of the endless mode: "Endurance Mode" and "Serenity Mode". They are what you'd expect.
  10. Some kind of multiplayer maaaaaay happen, but it will take a loooong time. Also, it probably won't.
  11. Storms that come and go like New Home that will force expeditions to return or die, whilst resetting the randomised world for new points to scavenge -> also leads to finding new survivors
  12. New structure (optional objective): Archive building, collects lore as you explore world

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