Another Winterhome strategies discussion

frostpunk 2 - Another Winterhome strategies discussion

Hello everyone,

I know the game came out couple of years ago, but I hope someone is still interested in discussion, as the game was recently released in gamepass and PS Now so perhaps many like me have played it recently.

Specifically I want to discuss with you about some aspect of Winterhome I didn’t find online (reddit/steam/youtube run). I just finished my first run in winterhome and like many I struggled to find so much steel required. After completing it, out of curiosity I started to look for the strategies to implement and to develop some strategies myself. What I’m about to write is the strategies I think COULD work AND that I didn’t find online. Be aware that I didn’t implement these strategies (yet), so they could be not feseable/wrong, for this reason this is a discussion: please share your thoughts!

Here we go, the strategies I haven’t found online and that I think could work, I’ll try as soon as possible:

-take it slow. This puzzled me a bit and I had to open another reddit question and search the run on youtube to finally understand that, contrary to the other scenario, Winterhome doesn’t have a fixed day for the events, so in order to accumulate resources it is better to delay until the very end the two stages of the scenario. In particular in the first stage you have 9 days to regain hope and drop discontent (among the other minor goals), in the second stage you have 4 days to research and analyze the generator’s failure. In my first playtrough I rushed the stages and I completed the first stage in 4 days and the second in just 1 days. This of course shortened the period of time I had to accumulate the resources. This was because I managed the medical crisis very quickly. In many youtube run you can see people taking it slowly and wait until the very end to meet the requirements. While this can be easy for the second stage, it’s very risky for the first. You can delay until the end the malcontent, that is the easiest to lower (hope is more difficult to rise) and then spam the church power to dramatically drop the malcontent (and the emergency shift to rise it in the case it is dropping and you don’t want).


-retrieve the researchers. The decision to retrieve the weather forecast is discussed and up to you, but I didn’t find any discussion about the researcher at the very end of the map. After the first run you understand that it’s basically useless to let them keep searching (even if they found another location and you send the scout there, nothing happen, it’s just a matter of lore). So retrieve them immediately as they are useful to repair the generator.

-Don’t cure the amputees. I know it may sound cruel, but we are talking about the best path to fulfill all the optional requirements. I was surprised no one wrote this. The dreadnought has 500 seats anyway, so you are not going to save everyone anyway. Why bother to spend time for 2 research of prothesis and 1 law, why spend as much as 500-700 steel to cure people that aren’t going to be saved anyway? You have enough workforce and if you retrieve he enegineers from previous point you won’t need anymore, so it’s a waste of resources.

-Soup as soon as possible. I think soup must be the third law, after radical cures and overcrowding. This because at the beginning you will face a mass starvation (beside the medical crysis) and you will need a massive amount of food anyway for dreadnought (5k).

-improved depot. Since you have to accumulate a lot of resources for the third stage, but you need to start immediately, you need also a lot of storage. Depots are costly (in terms of steel), so it could be convenient to invest in this upgrade.

-don’t bother to clean all the city. Ruins outside the generator’s circle are cold, for me is not worth to scavange them since at that point you have already moved to the various structures for coal, steel and wood. I didn’t use that space anyway, the generator’s circle plus 2-3 hub were sufficient for everything. This can be of course optimized but I don’t think many of the ruins are worth the investment, but here I could be wrong.

-scouts number/speed is not a top priority. I know steam core can only be retrieved by scouts, but for me the second scouts group and the speed upgrade shouldn’t be a top priority in the tech tree. This is because basically the place to visit are not too many and not too far, and you don’t struggle for resources most of the time (except the steamcore that you need late game).

That’s all, let me know what do you think!

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