Anticipated Endless Mode mechanics?

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I've just finished all scenarios on Normal and am working on Hard, which is definitely a treat. As I play I've been considering how the devs plan on implementing Endless Mode, and I thought there could be some thought sharing of potential mechanics:

  • No birth system; instead scouting opportunities / incoming refugee events happen sporadically to bring in fresh souls. Possibly modified by current city population.

  • Randomized "catastrophe" events that have a high likelihood of killing off waves of citizens or disrupting workflows unless extreme measures are taken. Plague, freak cold snaps not listed on the timer, building explosions, pipe rupture, etc.

  • Rare chance for a city to become uninhabitable, via storm or avalanche or generator failure, necessitating a migration event to a new location. Essentially a partial restart. Could be purely random or the result of a failed event chain.

  • Aging system with a new class of citizen, essentially seniors with lower efficiency, higher sick chance and a guaranteed hidden date of death. Perhaps new Laws and a building focused on their care. Bonus: Perhaps children could age into worker/engineer roles, with the percent chance effected to some degree by whether they're apprenticing or work-working.

  • Technologies are tied to specific citizens (ex. the person that knows how to maintain steam thumpers, or mend hunter zeppelins, etc ). If that specific citizen dies from sickness, accident or old age, the technology is lost and the affected buildings are inoperable until it is researched again.

  • Outposts have a resource limit, and eventually have to be moved to newly discovered locations. They can also be destroyed via random events.

  • The classic endgame storm event can be an occasional occurrence. More extreme storms can simultaneously cause damage to areas of the city.

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