Anyone feel like the endings don’t hit that hard?

1680 1024x576 - Anyone feel like the endings don't hit that hard?

Does anyone else feel like the endings don't hit as hard as the developers probably thought they would have? I mean, I haven't beat the game on hard yet, but I beat everything on the medium/stock difficulty, and, in all but the Refugees one (only lost a few due to the cold), no one died and I didn't really have to do anything radical to stay in power. I mean, I had a prison in a New Home – but I only ever had one guy in there and that was for stealing food. No forced persuasion, no execution, I just put him there because it was either that or beat him.

Then, at the end of each scenario, it's asking me if it was worth it. It tells me I had to make radical decisions. I had to use force. The the people were divided. I had 0 people in the Londoners at the end of New Home. I had 0 people starving or otherwise in the Arks (and I saved New Manchester). And the only bad thing to happen in Refugees was some of the terminally ill dying (6 total) because I forgot to turn on a Steam Hub (whoops). I just feel like the ending is more preaching to me about what the developers assumed would happen, rather than actually being about what I did to get there. I mean, in the New Home, they said that my order turned to 'despotism' – how? I literally executed no one and only one dude got arrested for stealing. I mean, unless they referring to one guy having absolute power, in which case every single playthrough – regardless of the scenario or what path you took – is technically 'despotism', which contradicts what they are trying to say in the first place.


That being said, it's a fun game. I wish I could zoom in closer and maybe have an endless mode, but aside from those criticisms – I just really wished the ending didn't feel like it was preaching to me about something that never even happened in my game. I don't know, it just sort of rubbed me the wrong way when I'm essentially called a cruel dictators despite having 0 Discontent and 100% Hope with no one dead and everyone taken care off. I guess the real morale of the game is just kill people and be a d*ck because, even in a utopia, they'll hate you anyway?

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