Anyone know the Win/Lose Conidtions of Refugees?

Frostpunk 3 1024x576 - Anyone know the Win/Lose Conidtions of Refugees?

There seems to be a lot of endings to The Refugees.

1) Let the Lords in.

1a) Victory -> Equality: Live with the Lords

1b) Victory -> Inequality: Enslave the Lords

2) Don't let the Lords in.

2a) Victory -> Shoo off the Lords with Outpost Towers

2b) Victory -> Don't complete the Towers in time; Your people slaughter the Lords.

3) Let some Lords in and refuse others

3a) ??? -> ???

Does anyone have (has anyone made) a list of all possible Victory Win/Loss conditions for that Scenario? I'm asking, mainly, to figure out the cheesiest way to "win" on Survivor Mode (last achievement), but I am also curious about all of the possible outcomes.

Edit: It seems as though so long as the first 15 days are completed with 250+ survivors (main objective), there doesn't seem to be a way to lose after. I could be wrong. Still testing branching paths.

Mega Edit 2: I've decided to undertake a huge project: Graphing out the entire Refugees Story Arc with pictures and a list of choice-consequences.


Here's a sample of my first run's screenshots:
(You'll likely have to save the picture and zoom in to see it). I'm going to list everything. It does seem like I was right earlier though about winning being 100% guaranteed once the first half of the game is complete (Day 1-15). Whatever you do with the Lords- it doesn't really matter, you always win once you make it to that point, so long as at least 1 person survives.

This latest run, I didn't let the Lords into the city, but I tried to be as kind to them as possible. Giving them supplies, disarming my people, not creating Guarded Outpost towers. In the end, my kindness somehow convinced the people to go slaughter all of the Lords (the ending if you don't make Guard Towers + Guarded Outposts). Kinda laughed at that one. It looks like the choice of donating goods to the Lords after the first lot is turned away determines how much they steal the following night. Donate = steal less. Don't share = steal more. Still testing though. Graph is going to be huuuuuge.

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