Bad game design.

Frostpunk screen 1024x576 - Bad game design.

I thought I would like it at first, it is like a city builder but with some real choices to make and the fact that you can so easily lose made it a lot more interesting. Close to my dream game in fact! But almost every aspect of it is wrong. For a start, the game gives zero feedback about what you should be doing and why. You don't know what rate your resources will come in so you have no idea what priority the buildings should be, and what is needed and why, or how many workers are needed in each building, etc… etc…. So really you are expected to fail and just restart and do things better, and play the exact same game all over again. And then inevitably you will fail again, so have to do it yet again. This isn't a city builder with survival elements, it is a roguelike, and an extremely linear one with zero replayability because every restart is identical.


And I could live with this if it progressed into something glorious, like Factorio does. You can fail in that game too without enough feedback, having no idea when you will be attacked can be the end of your game when stuff starts ripping your base apart before you even have any defenses ready. But at least the second play through you can nail it. This game just keeps throwing things at you that are often unbeatable on the first attempt, and often there are no clear solutions to any of your problems too. You build a coal smacker and it fills up and stops working. What, why? So you end up googling and learning that you have to build gathering buildings next to it. Third restart, things are finally going well, and now these Londoners show up and trash the place. I build 2 guard towers like the people want, but I still get more things going wrong, so I build 2 more, and then another 2. Now I have 6 and it is still not enough?! And their distribution isn't very good either so what, I need to start dismantling my buildings and squashing them into key areas? Or just restart yet again and play that previous tedious 2 hours all over again? A better solution is to just uninstall and play a better game.

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