Beat the initial scenario with default settings, don’t feel like I was bad but my ending implies that I went to far…

frostpunk 1 - Beat the initial scenario with default settings, don't feel like I was bad but my ending implies that I went to far...

I managed to beat the initial scenario on default settings after getting banished once. I had a lot of fun but I definitely felt handicapped by not knowing how all the game mechanics worked until after I screwed something up (limited range for collection buildings resulted in me wasting time placing a gathering hut and then immediately scrapping it when I saw it wouldn't do anything). When the Londoners faction appeared, I went with the order & discipline route rather than religion. I initially only put up the guard posts to make people feel safe but as the game progressed I continued to escalate discipline on the population by adding a prison, upgrading the guard posts, and finally building the propaganda center. The game ending implied that I went to far with establishing order but it seemed crazy to just let 100 people leave when that was suicide. Am I just a dictator at heart, or is this an aspect of my military background? I honestly believed that if I'm going to lead, then I can't just let people ruin our last best chance at survival and I need to snuff out any resistance. Thoughts?


P.S. – I was hoping once you survived the big freeze that you'd have to continue to develop your city for 30 days to recover from all the sickness injuries, re-establishing food supplies, and cleaning up your city. Only then was I expecting to see an ending where you are shown to be thriving in the frozen wasteland and maybe a note that our scientists calculate that in 100 years, we may have enough CO2 in the air to help counteract the volcanic ash and reduced sunlight. Maybe some of this is being saved for a possible sequel or DLC? I also was sad that Tesla's city was killed off instead of being a strict trade-only interaction because of his extreme paranoia.

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