Beating the main scenario without using a single steam core – surprisingly simple

Frostpunk 3 1024x576 - Beating the main scenario without using a single steam core - surprisingly simple

Surprising to me anyway, maybe to some of the hardcore players here it isn't.


I wanted to try something a bit different and set myself a few limitations for a run on hard difficulty. I decided on trying to get through without using any steam cores (and automatons obviously), and also no child labor, no soup, no faith keepers, no overcrowding, no emergency shifts and try to save everybody and get the good ending.


I really thought it was going to be a huge struggle without the wall drill mid game, but a couple of non-upgraded sawmills and the wood outpost was all that was needed in the end. Same for coal really. I had four steam coal thumpers and enough gathering posts to support them and the coal outpost and still finished with about 14K coal which really surprised me. I've never played without advanced coal mines before. Not having to research a whole heap of stuff related to cores saved a lot of wood/steel and time too.



With the Londoners I just let them say what they wanted and took no action and it all resolved itself as I managed to keep Hope fairly high. I couldn't give the people the wood they asked for at the end or do anything about the food thieves but I had enough rations anyway.


I got the good ending and finished with 687 people. Only the one amputee suicide died but I couldn't get to one or two of the scouting locations before they froze over so I think I missed one group of survivors right at the end. I should have researched boosted sleds earlier than I did. Funnily enough this is the first time I have got the "good ending",


Edit: And if anyone's got a good set of limitations for The Arks I'd be interested in hearing it as I am keen to replay that next on Extreme with some new restrictions. Don't think that scenario is possible without cores/automatons?

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