big guide to everything, from someone who 100% the game

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i decided to compile some tips for every scenario(on extreme/survivor) because why not

main story

first law is emergency shifts then i use 3 e – shifts on 2 wood and 1 metal pile. i then build all tents, cookhouse, hunting hut, research center. my first research depends, but it is usually beacon and then sawmill. my second law depends as well, but usually it is sawdust meals, because the discontent from soup is really bad in extreme.

on day 2 i try to get scouts online and send them to supplies first rather than the lost survivors and after researching beacon, sawmill, and hunter upgrade i get tier 1 upgrade for research. i usually build gathering spots on the coal piles and use them.

on day 3 i try to get sawmills online and then researching metalworks, than bunkhouses. i usually send my scouts to survivors and then research station to get more people. for laws i work my way to overcrowding, and it really depends if you want radical treatment or sustain life. radical is good because it heals gravely sick, but it takes 2 days and can amputate. sustain is good because when you get care house you dont have to heal them, but they eat food and cant work and require heating. i usually get sustain and make getting the infirmary a priority, like around day 8 or 7

general tips – dont be afraid to use e – shifts. same with sawdust. you can disable cookhouse(deconstruct than pause it) to prevent survivors from unnecessarily eating your food. it is cheesy, but it has helped me get some achievements. they only need to eat when they are gravely starving 😀

upgraded hunting huts are really good, 10 hunters supply 25ish food for night, and 2 raw food translates to 6 sawdust meals, so around 13*6 = 78 meals from just one flying hunter hut.

automatons are really OP. prioritize getting them as fast as your economy can handle, and put them on coal mines/charcoal kilns and walldrill

you can overdrive your generator to make buildings comfortable, so people don't get sick during night. sometimes worth it to get the upgrade that increases the overdrive heat output

arks – just play normally, really. collect resources, i usually keep my first couple automatons on coal and all my engys on research. get upgraded heaters before steam steam hubs as a lvl 1 heater only eats 1 coal per hr, compared to steam hub at 3 per hr. i usually rush houses and automaton efficiency. oh, and e shifts and sawmill meals = very yes

refuges – pretty much same order as main story. e shift, get sawmills, sawdust meals, overcrowding. i usually go order because watchtowers are smaller and easier to place around the houses.

fall of winterhome – dear god getting the achievements for this one sucked majorly. firstly, and this is hard to explain so bear with me, but i dismantle certain building ruins in spots where gather spots can reach the most amount of ruins. just look at the map and see the best spots for gather posts that are being taken by the ruins.

biggest problems in this mode are the amount of sick you will get, and how hungry people will get. so, sawdust meals, and sometimes triages usually fix the problem.

the heating infrastructure is terrible, so try to fix it as best as you can. dismantle buildings in bad spots, make new housing zones, and dont forget to turn the heating zone on the main generator to 1, because it starts at 3.

if you want to get a fully upgraded dreadnought, steel is #1 problem. so, i usually build some storage for it so i can hold 1k steel, and spam e – shifts. in my opinion getting automatons is not worth it for this scenario. i havent really experimented with it too much but getting the tree upgrades, and the actual research to upgrade the automatons just takes too long.


last autumn, aka my personal fav scenario – standard stuff. gather all resources, my first research is sawmill, and my first law is churches. i get fishing instead of forager, until i have more men. my first shipment is 20 workers, or somtimes 10 workers and a couple engineers

rush 24 shifts, then the shift comp so instead of 20 men per shift it is 15. i keep my 24 shifts on fishing, most reloading stations until i get them upgraded, as non upgraded ones struggle to keep up with the docks(the docks import more supplies then the lvl 1 reloading stations can handle).

then it becomes a game of managing strikes/discontent. i usually get prostitutes, hearty meals, and strike busting. remember to keep workers on the buildings around the generator site making the exchangers and whatnot. also, to prevent the disasters from happening at the gen, you need work safety to be green, and the events actually happen when the progress is at 2/3rds somtimes 3/4ths way done, so you can keep the construction in the red/yellow until then then use safety shifts or whatever to make it green.

i usually side with engineers for workplace safety and penal workers and strike busting

if you want fully upgraded gen, metal and coal are #1 problems. make sure you dont have a surplus of either, and are constantly gathering it. by day 35 if you have 24 shifts on and finish the generator, you end up with surplus of 2k steel if you have fully upgraded dock/reloading station.

remember you are allowed to fall behind on one deadline, so sometimes it is ok.

on the edge – i send my scouts to get the extra workers usually by d2. until you get to the greenhouse bois your food situation will suck really hard, so you need to micro your survivors so they only eat until they are starving. tell london you have problems and they will sign soup law, e shift law, corpse disposal, radical treatment. wood becomes a problem after you run out of trees, so i usually upgrade the prisoners first to max out wood, then greenhouse bois, then coal bois.

remember to get and upgrade braziers instead of getting houses early game, as their is a coal mine you can build. i usually only get the lvl 1 version however, to save the steamcore and steel

to upgrade all outposts is a challenge. steel is #1 problem, so i keep them constantly on extended shift, using the support beams to increase output, and e shift. seriously, you need to use e shift every time it is available. steam cores usually arent that big of a problem. , but dont use the mixed crews, because while you can gather both, it lowers overall efficiency

i kinda made this a simple guide, because you are meant to explore and find what is most fun/works for you. on extreme mode, you gather resources slower, people are hungrier/get sick more easily, research takes longer, and weather gets worse quicker. so, you need to notice these things and adapt. sometimes, use shorterm solutions. have alot of gravely ill? use care houses. need food? sawdust meals. alot of sick people? use triage.

and if you want to get the good ending while playing on extreme, good luck. you will go over the line using most of the laws. it is very very hard to not pass any harsh laws on extreme.

wrap up well, the frost is coming

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