Bug Report: The Refugees Act 2 [Minor Spoilers]

Order 05 1024x576 - Bug Report: The Refugees Act 2 [Minor Spoilers]

I want to see if anyone else has had this frustrating issue and/or know how to fix it:

Sometime in The Refugees scenario, you are given the choice to take in a large number of refugees for the first time. The choice determines the objective you take on thereafter; either attempt to feed and house 100 hungry individuals, build three NEW industrial hot-houses or hunter's hangars (plus house 100 individuals), or abandon them to their fate.

The bug occurs when I chose either of the first two options:

If I choose the first, the mission text has two counts; one for the number of homeless still needing housing, and one for the number of hungry people yet to be fed. The homeless can can go above 100 if you already had homeless before accepting the mission, but nothing wrong there; you can still complete it. As for the second count, I get… 101 needed to be fed, without any hungry people before the mission starts. This leaves a situation where I cannot complete this mission because I can get the count to, at most, 100/101, and then the mission fails when it times out.


If I choose the second, same number of counts as above, but instead of hungry people, it's number of buildings yet to be built, and it is always 3 required. In my save, it start at 1/3 completed, with my settlement having one hunter's hangar, two hunter's camps, and three hothouses (not industrial hothouses). Easy-peasy, already have the tech for hangars, I just build over the two hunter's camps. This DECREASED my progress to 0/3 completed, and building camps, hangars, hothouses or industrial hothouses, whether as new buildings or over lower tier ones, did nothing to raised the count above 0/3, and again, the mission times out in a failed state.

I can replicate these bugs reliably with my save, and cannot NOT avoid them, leading me to make this post. Has anyone ever seen this in their playthroughs? Does anyone have any recommendation on what to try?

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