Building Hotkeys, Alternate Laws, Alternate Event Suggestions

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Hey. So first of all, can we add an optional hotkey for important buildings like the faith keepers, the prison, etc? It's so hard to find them in a bustling city. Anyway, onto the more fun suggestions:

  1. Alternative Childcare:

Faith: Monastery -OR- Child Labour: Very Safe Jobs

Monastery: Can either be its own building where children can go, or it can be an additional function of the House of Prayer. Monastery may lead to "Cooks assistants" and "Garden assistants" follow-up laws. These would function similar to the pre-existing engineering/medical apprentices, but would function for the cook-house and hothouses instead.

Child Labour: Very Safe Jobs

Children can work in very safe places such as houses of prayer, hothouses, cook houses, etc. without getting injured (or having a substantially reduced injury chance vs Safe Jobs). I can see kids tripping face-first into a pile of coal or breaking their hands trying to cut down trees, but I find it hard to think of ways to injure yourselves at the places listed above.


Order: Cadets

Cadets work with the guards, and cause a straight decrease to discontent. Leads to the law "Junior Officers", which I would consider a "Line Crossing" law where the kids are even willing to report their own parents for stealing a couple extra rations. Potentially add some bullying events for the player to have to resolve.

  1. That sad kid at the cemetery asking you to call a meeting just seems depressing for the sake of depressing. Perhaps add an option to either hold a wake (for some food rations) or have 3 days to sign the ceremonial burials law, and receive a message saying something along the lines of "Friends and family gathered to drink and remember their dearly departed. You aren't sure, but you think you saw that boy smile a little as he shared some fond family memory."

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