Can we have a thread with suggestions of the small fixes&improvements?

Order 05 1024x576 - Can we have a thread with suggestions of the small fixes&improvements?

Here are my suggestions:

Scenario: New Home

Time: Storm

Applies to: Event: Freezing mines

After the game's release it was possible to make mines one the warmest place in your city. So here's the thing: mines are freezing and we have to either withdraw or to send people to die. Hence the idea: warm them up. The option would be possible only if you had all the heating upgrades developed and built a power node near a mine. I guess it would require an additional upgrade, though: a special technology you could only find/develop like the one that lets you see the incoming storm; my proposition is a special kind of heathub (sorry, can't remember the name of this small building that provides the area with heat): it provides no heat to its surroudings and instead sends everything to the mines.

Scenario: Every

Time: –

Applies to: Medical buildings


Occasionally I have more people sent in to heal workers than needed; it's like they sit in the hospital and do nothing, as there are no patients. How about we check this little box (currently non-existent) whose description says something like 'Send doctors in only when needed', meaning if there's no body to treat, doctors will come back to the pool of free workers. If someone arrives, a notification pops in, saying 'your workers have left a (let's say) workshop and are gone to the hospital'.

Scenario: Every

Time: Especially early game

Applies to: kids' shelter

If we choose not to let kids work and build one shelter for them, we get +hope. However, if we have place for 15 kids and have no place for 100, we still get +hope. How about we lower +hope for a shelter and introduce the more shelters we have, the higher +hope we get?

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