Can we please fix prisons?

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If any of you choose the Order route, then you'll come across prisons. If any of you use prisons, then more than likely (at least once every run), you'll encounter the prison bug, where all of the prisoners will be set free and you'll get a massive discontent penalty, even though you never touched the prison at all.

Why does this prison bug occur? Well if you notice in your workers tab, all of them are busy doing everything else, except for working. Therefore, all of the prisoners get to run free because nobody is working. As you can see in the following picture, all of my "workers" are either going to the fighting arena or going to build.

I've encountered this bug many times in my previous game, but I didn't mind since I was playing on normal difficulty and I was going to win anyways. However, this time, this massive discontent just completely ruined my "Save Everyone Hard Refugee run (not completely ruined it, but it made it sooo much harder than it should have been, and hard refugee runs are already challenging by themselves.)


Proposed fix: just make it to where there must be at minimum 20% or however many people that have to be working at the job at all time. If they all happen to become sick at the same time, have it give you a popup warning telling you to replace the workers in under an hour.

(Now technically, it's not a bug since it's probably intended by game mechanics, but gosh darn is it annoying. And I'm probably not the only one this has happened to either.)

Why 🙁

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