Can we please have Refugees on Hard nerfed?

Frostpunk 3 1024x576 - Can we please have Refugees on Hard nerfed?

After a couple of hours in Frostpunk you know that medium is not fun. You swim in resources, you have automatons doing all the job and wonder what do you need the book of law for. You go for hard and it eventually end up the same, although it required more from you while still being considerd fun and challenging.

Unfortunately, it doesn't apply to 'Refugees'. There's a huuuge hole between medium and hard, like you have no problems at all on medium and keep dying on hard. I find it to be unsatisfying to either abuse game's bugs – like using hunters at something else during the day – or simply allow my people to die. I tried like all the possible strategies, be it going for fast wall drill for wood and use scouts to gather res, using manpower instead of steam structures and even skipping scouts at all and focusing on getting enough res to deal with -80 – none of them really worked.

Yeah, that's the biggest issue that I believe should be nerfed. 'New Home' is a jack-of-all-trades, you have to think about everything, but there's no a real 'killer' until the very end. 'Arc' is about surviving with steam mechs and 'Refugees' are about dealing with overcrowded city + classes… or rather should be, as this campaign is actually about dealing with temperature falling too fast. That's it, you end up dealing with temp going like -1 every day since day 20? Also, most of the time it's -40 and then -50.


My suggestions: since 'Ref' should be focused on manpower and most of the structures for manpower are located in tier 2 and 3, we shouldn't be forced to rush lower tiers to be able to secure the proper heatlevel until the end, not the 2/3 of the campaign. 'It's a game of surviving in the snow, man! You gotta have some cold, bruh!' – I know, but still – not every campaign must be about extreme temperatures, you know? It just doesn't… fit? I say 'Ref' does an excellent job at focusing on classes from the old, warm wold and it doesn't need to be that cold.

TL;DR: 'Ref' on hard is a much harder 'New Home', as you have much less people at the beginnig and have to deal with the lower temperature faster and thus it's simply not funny and even more about 'learning the proper way' to play.

Good night!

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