[Challenge] Child Labor only run, proof of concept

Frostpunk 3 1024x576 - [Challenge] Child Labor only run, proof of concept

Following up on child labor run idea suggested here.

I thought this would be extraordinarily difficult so I started with ANH Normal. I think I could do it on Hard, and it's quite possible that someone more skilled could pull it off on extreme.


  • Must use child labor anywhere it is allowed.
  • Avoid employing workers and engineers except where absolutely necessary. Absolutely no assigning either to a building that can accept kids.
  • No hunter huts
  • No infirmaries (medposts allowed only until houses of healing)
  • No outposts
  • No factory (therefore, no prostheses, and only one automaton
  • Must rescue everyone in Frostlands and accept all refugees (ie, no murderhoboing adults just to make it easier)

So the main exceptions to child labor were adult-only jobs: scouts, workshop researchers, public house/prostitutes, and faith keepers. Plus the Winterhome automaton, which spent almost the entire run on a hothouse.

These are my complete notes from the run:

Forgot to gather coal on day 1, lost like 24 people to freezing to death overnight. Wound up getting banished cause I couldn’t sign corpse disposal. Mullligannnn…

Trying again. Rotating 24h shifts seem to work well. Managed to get my corpse pit this time to put the scripted 24h death. Gathering posts are essential with so few kids at start. Rushed faster gathering then beacon.

“I hope I don’t freeze to death on duty.”

“Don’t worry mama, we got this!”

Double rations for working kids? HAHAHA NOPE.

Day 5- running out of piles, forced to sign child labor all jobs although I also need overcrowding and organ transplants.

Got the automaton, put it on the hothouse. Only 21 kids after all.

Since we need labor efficient means of getting resources, wall drills+charcoal kiln seems to be the way to go.

Putting some more research into scouting because what else can I use workers for?Gloomy cave took 6 (!) attempts.

House of pleasure? Don’t mind if I do. This is the ONLY time I will allow workers to work anywhere…

Got to Winterhome so now we can start Faith.

Didn’t remember Freshwater Springs had 7 kids. That’ll put me up to 32 when they get back.

Starting to run out of coal because of not enough kids. Those 7 got here just in time. Now to hit the jackpot, er, I mean, Winterhome kid cave…

On the tech front, time to get Shrines, push for House of Healing so we can pediform our healthcare system.

Tesla exiles—another 7 kids.


The house of healing is %#[email protected] enormous (Order main here). Didn’t realize how huge faith buildings were.

Now dismantling all medposts to maintain concept compliance.

7 hours to the shrouded cave and a ton of extra work—er… laborers.

THIRTY FIVE KIDS at the shrouded cave. Doubling my workforce in one scout trip.

Upside to no outposts: dismantling the crap out of them all for resources.

57 Londoners, oh my. I guess Faith Keepers will be another exception to the rule. After all, those unruly children need discipline.

Public Penance, because corporal punishment is cool.

This is almost too easy. Will have to tighten the constraints or increase difficulty next time.

Down to 2 Londoners. I signed almost everything though.

No Londoners!

First group of refugees, and not a child among them. Tsk. Second group has 22 kids though.

Going into storm prep now on Day 30 with a pretty good economy. Just lots and LOTS of sick.

Food theft with kids manning the cookhouse. Yeah, I guess some adult supervision is gonna be required here.

Going into the storm with 5.5k rations and 21k coal. Ending labor force was 145 kids plus 10 workers in the pub and 10 engis in faith keepers.

246 sick on day 43. 271 by the end. Not too bad though, only deaths were the 24 shift, the old man, and the faith keeper—all scripted. Wonder how this would go on hard difficulty.

Look at all those bodies! Well, let's try that again…

My employment status

Padme, is that you?

He's playing, he has no job, and he still thinks he's working too hard. Damn snowflake millennials… see what I did there?

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