Changes I would like to see 11bit Studios make to Frostpunk

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There are a few specific changes I would like to see made to this game, which I believe would be easy to implement, would not affect the game in any damaging way, would give players more control over their experience without adversely affecting the difficulty, and would make much of the fanbase very, very happy.

The changes I propose are as follows:

1) Create a 18:00-8:00 setting on the Steam Hub for Night-Time-Only heating. This would allow players to use Steam Hubs specifically for Housing Areas and not waste Coal during the Daytime with the 24h setting, should they so chose.

2) Allow players to see the Range of the Level 1 Steam Hub even after Level 2 Range is researched. Sometimes, players want to stick with Range 1. Adding a small, white circle to signify where Range 1 extends to while hovering a Range 2 Steamhub on the map would be of great benefit.

3) Allow players to toggle Road Snapping and Building Snapping. Self-explanatory.


4) Allow players to toggle building sizes: Simply add a Hotkey which can either Shrink a building or enlarge the building, while still being within the current possible sizes of them. Give us control over this so we aren't spending hours of game-time manipulating roads to squish our crap.

There are other small changes I would like to see, but I believe these four would help tremendously with the Frostpunk Gameplay experience, and I'd love all of your thoughts and opinions on the matter, as well as any suggestions you may have, in addition to the ones listed, which meet the criteria mentioned in the first paragraph of this post. 11bit Studios is one of few Gaming Developers that listens to their fanbase, so let's help them out with some constructive ideas. Cheers!

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