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Hi guys! The city of children(See screenshots)

You may know me for such cruel posts as a post about child execution bug in FrostPunk, post about city with 1 child and city with NO citizens. As you can see, I love children(just kidding) and FrostPunk.

But now I'd like to introduce you really interesting idea for FrostPunk Endless Mode which is worth it's own DLC. THE CITY CONSISTENT ONLY OF CHILDREN(see some screenshots).

How do I do this?

I spent a lot of time doing this, but I think it is worth it and I count on your upvote.

So, the first thing you should do – is just play, get as many children as you can. I suggest playing on serenity on easy difficulty, because it save A LOT OF TIME. So, the hardest thing was to get rid of adults. I found the solution, by providing to EVERY child WARM houses so they don't fall ill and not sending them to work. Secondly, we have to send all engineers and workers to workplaces with VERY COLD(Not Freezing, cause then people don't fall ill, but just turn disabled) so workers become gravely ill and then die. For the whole time not a child fall ill(except for children from location "abandoned village", children from this location are always ill, so be careful, don't loose them). Also to kill workers faster – you can create expeditions and send them to die in the storm out of city and do it many times before the storm(quite fast).

SO, you have killed the majority of adults, but how not to trigger event on screenshot 5 & 6?

That's really easy. Just leave LAST 5 workers and create expedition(or keep it in advance) and then lead them right into the storm. Boom! You have a city only with children. I guess this happens, because game doesn't count dead expeditions out of city as a dead worker inside the city, so game thinks, that this expedition just disappears and there someone left to take care of children.

How to make it playable?

So, this game is quite buggy, but it is still possible to play.

First of all, sure, you need to sign a law "Child labour – All jobs" if you'll sign just "Child labour – safe jobs" your children won't be able to gather basic resources or even build roads. You need to research all technologies in advance(or you can build automaton who will do it, I just prefer true child experience). Also you need to go FAITH, because only there is a law of "Medical house", where you can assign children and they'll be able to treat ill(But be careful with event "Wise man" Build this medical house before the children are alone, because it can trigger bug->). So, the biggest bug of this game is that you CAN'T LET any of children die, because game will count this death, count your population and it will see, that there's no adults anymore. So you have to trigger all events where child dies(or has chance to die, for example, event where mechanism kills child, after it's being triggered once – it won't appear anymore) before you leave children alone. Don't force on them emergency shifts(because some of them will die for sure). Unfortunately, kids can't go hunting, so you need to send them to work at hothouses.

That's kinda it.


I spent a lot of time to do this all, hope it was helpful and interesting. Actually it is very interesting concept even if we can't explore map anymore. This is just a city of children and I am so freaking happy that I finally did it. You can do this in every scenario and even do such a bug to make game playable even after EVERYBODY is dead(See my posts:

0 citizens city:

1 child city:


Hope my karma doesn't fall so deep for my cruel experiments…

Cheers and brace yourself!

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