Crashes/FPS drops/100% GPU usage in menu and more…

1680 1024x576 - Crashes/FPS drops/100% GPU usage in menu and more...

So me and my girlfriend we bought Frostpunk in this lovely boxed edition with artbook and it was a great experience for the first 10 hours. After that crashes and FPS drops started.

From what I gathered over the internet A LOT of people have similar issues but since the release devs are quiet about anything but praise. For many it starts after days 30-40 and renders the game unfinishable/unplayable. So for us it goes like this. Game acting normal then on day 37 10:42 am game simply shuts down. If somehow we survive day 37 without crash the next day 8-something pm game dies again and it goes on and on. We installed newest versions of everything possible tried every fix suggested in previous threads like this one and tried different configurations. Nothing helps… The funniest thing is when we started to monitor games behavior we discovered that it's using 100% of GPU while in the menu! You can see all of this in this archived past broadcast on twitch. It's a lot of cursing in polish but it might help the devs (they're also polish):


At this point we think there is nothing we can do about this broken game so I'm writing this thread hoping maybe somehow devs will see it and respond. Simple "we know and we're working on it" would be great because the game is cool but unplayable in this state.

It pains me to see this silence from devs because few weeks ago another polish game released called Symmetry and we were able to fix it's save states issue on stream. We contacted devs they responded in minutes and 10 minutes after that the patch was on the way so big ups for Sleepless Clinic on flawless support of their game!

Devs please don't go No Man's Sky silent on us!

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