Dismantle abuse

frostpunk 3 - Dismantle abuse

Hi guys,

I found out there are quite a few ways to abuse the dismantle and building mechanics. I just thought I might share them here if you are interested.

1) Manipulating people

If you want people to go to work, but they are "going to eat" (which can take hours!), just dismantle their cookhouse(s). But no real dismantling! Just press dismantle, then cancel it and reassign workers. If you have more cookhouses, you might have to repeat with all of them. But not necessarily, as people who are going to eat in a particular cookhouse will not switch if their favourtite place is out of order.

Also, if you really want something dismantled, but wrong people are coming (I need you at work, guys!), just pause and unpause the dismantling. Those who have a job to do, will go to work, and others will keep dismantling. The same goes for building. You can pause and unpause building to reassign people who have better things to do. This slows down dismantling/building a little, but not too much and saves you a lot of production.

2) Storing resources

You can store wood and steel in unbuilt structures. If for some reason building a resource depot is not a viable option (e.g. you cannot wait until the depot is built) you can just plop down some buildings and stop (pause) building them right away. When you cancel the buildings, you will get 100% resources back!

From built buildings you get only 80% resources back.

3) Outpost dismantle

If you dismantle and build an outpost and there is no delivery on the way from this particular outpost, a new delivery will start out. This way, if the outpost is say 4 hours away, you can get 6 deliveries a day, which is fu*king insane!

Also, if you want to have deliveries from multiple outposts using one outpost team, remember you do not have to wait for the deliveries to finish. Build/dismantle outpost in one location and send outpost team to the other location, where you build/dismantle again so that you can send them back or whatever the plan is.

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When the delivery is on the way, dismantling the outpost even lets you help your scouts a little with the outpost team. Even though you can only visit discovered locations with the outpost team, they will become visited and the scouts will reach them faster later.

Other things that are good to know:

  • Dismantling roads is instant (remember if you need a bit of wood NOW).
  • Dismantling adds resources to your stockpiles even if the storage is full.
  • You cannot dismantle the snow pit/cemetary unless you have built another one.
  • Do not dismantle the outpost depot or beacon while there are teams out there 😉

Do you have any related tips or tricks?


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