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Other empires survive the Frost

British Empire was the largest and the most powerfull empire when Earth started rapidly cooling down, but it was not the only one. It's not a stretch of imagination that other great powers would try to survive as well. But since they have no access to British technology, manpower and resources, how would they proceed?

I have an ideas for other world powers having their own unique way of heat generation. America and Electricity, German Empire and Geothermal, and French Republic and Nuclear Power. Let's focus on Americans for now.


The land of living

Thanks to the close relationship with British Empire Americans realized the dangers of incoming frost very early. The President was pressured by the public to put finding a way to survive the Frost the top priority. In true American fashion the contest was announced – and the project with the biggest chance of success would win it's creator save heaven in it.

There were many entries – many of them rejected, being too optimistic with severity of the Frost, US capabilities or British generosity. Finally, one project caught jurys eye. It was not based on coal, like most others. It proposed generating electricity, and using it to heat up the shelters. Federal experts ran the numbers, and it turned out that electric proposal had the largest chances of success. If it's fantastic technology worked, that is.

Nicola Tesla – eccentric scientist entrepreneur – didn't had to persuade the jury that his project was viable. His working prototypes did. Alas, Tesla didn't agree to give the products of his marvelous mind for free, even if it meant saving the humanity. He requested manpower and resources to build the city of his own, where he would be a supreme leader. US leadership reluctantly agreed.

Years later, armed with technology, wit and lots materials gathered thanks to reinstallation of slavery, American people are ready to face the Frost.


Charge (new resource)

Charge is the main resource used to generate heat in American shelters. It can be generated in many ways – by coal, wind power or manpower. Thanks to the nature of conductors that lose less electricity the colder they are, these places are more efficient the colder they are

American automatons consume charge instead of coal. Unlike steam version, they don't need generator to be running in order to function, but they do need free charge.

Charge is nearly impossible to store, and all produced charge that was not used up or stored, is lost. It is possible to store small amounts in specially designed costly baterries. If any device using charge doesn't get 100% it needs, it shuts down completely. Electric Generator is the last one to be shut down.

And if it happens… may the God have mercy on your soul.

Electric Generator (replaces normal Generator)

This generator consumes set amount of charge per hour, instead of coal. It converts currents from various sources with various phases, amplitudes and frequencies to one uniform one that can be used for heating the city.

When electric generator stress reaches 100%, it doesn't blow up. Stress just continues to go up. Electric grids protective protective isolation gives in, and all people in heated area have 20% chance of being zapped to death each hour the generator stress is above 99%.

Apart of that, it works just like normal Generator.

Transformer (replaces Steam Hub)

Allows transmition of generators charge to far away areas of the city. Creates a heat zone just like a Steam Hub. Similarly to Steam Hub, in order to heat up new area the charge is used.

Battery Station

Allows to store limited amounts of charge. It's capacity is increased the warmer it is. If lowering temperature makes batterys capacity lower than stored charge, that charge is lost.

Coal Plant

Plant that produces electricity using coal. Due to the nature of conductors present in electric turbine, the colder the plant is, the more efficient charge production is. If you do choose to turn on Coal Plant after it was being turned off, it needs a few hours to warm up boilers and start producing electricity. The time needed can be shortened with advancing technology.


Wind Turbine

Versatility of electricity allows it to be generated by other means than exothermic chemical reaction, but with anything that spins. Wind turbines need few people to maintain them (or an automaton). Unfortunately winds are capricious, and turbines can randomly stop for a few hours at any time. The only way to combat this is to build up charge storage, or generate charge by other means when wind turbines are down. Wind turbines are more efficient when cold like any charge producing facility.

If you upgrade your Beacon, you'll be able to see when the winds go down just like you see changes in temperature.


What if wind turbines were on the ground, and moved around by people? It is possible to use your man muscle for power, albeit this is the least effective method of generating charge, and should be used only in times of great emergency. Running treadmills generates large amounts of discontent until you pass the law to give it's workers more rations, which increases treadmills energy output and basically makes them a plant turning food into charge.

Or you can reinstall slavery and have slaves operate them. Discontent will fall, since nobody cares what slaves think.

You can try running Treadmills with automatons, but they'll consume the same amount of charge they're producing.

Slave overseers office (requires "Slave overseers" law)

Building that needs to be manned by 5 people. It reduces chances of slave rebellion and increases productivity of slaves working in the area. You can upgrade automatons to man them.

Engineering School (requires "Bettering of Society" law)

Building that needs to be manned by one engineer (teacher) and up to 20 workers (students). After a few days workers are converted into engineers.

If the building is working, the hope is risen.

Reinstall Slavery (new adaptation Law, exclusive with "Egalitarianism")

Hard times require hard decisions. For generations slave labour was a motor of American economy in the South, and only recent civil war started to change that. Without slaves, it would be impossible to provide us with this shelter. Maybe, in this harsh times, our survival is more important than bleeding hearts.

Turns part of the population into slaves. Discontent caused by overworking or poor conditions in facilities manned by slaves is not being counted to overall discontent. Slaves are always pulled from worker population. Risk slave rebellion, the more discontent is being generated by slaves.

Slave Overseers (new adaptation Law, requires "Reinstall Slavery" law)

New slaves still remember and yearn for lost freedom. We need to remind them, their value is tied to what they can provide with their labour. And find a way of motivating them, if they won't work.

All your remaining workers are being turned into slaves. If any new workers come into your city, they're converted into slaves. You'll be able to build slave overseers offices, and you need to build two if you enact this law.

Egalitarianism (new Adaptation law, exclusive with "Reinstall Slavery")

As the difficlties of survival ramp up, and hard labour reminds people of slavery, the differences and conflicts between spark up. People who used to be more priviledged argue, that others should bear the hard work. But we will not return to the horrors of slavery, and all people need to treated with dignity. And if they don't want to treat others that way, they're wrong.

Your treadmills will consume food to run, and their productivity will increase. Discontent will rise. Hope will rise.

Bettering of Society (new adaptation Law, requires "Egalitarianism" law)

People who are stripped of their advantages in society are angry at their lose of status. We need to adress that. The only way to progress in our new society is via merit.

Hope rises. New building is avaliable, Engineering School. You are required to build one. Discontent penalty from Egalitarianism disappears if you convert 5 people.

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