Either buff Order or nerf Faith!

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Unless you are going for a thematical city, faith is always the best choice to win the game on higher difficulties and here's why.

  • Order have watchtowers, that require 5 workers for full effect while Churches do the same and require no such thing. Also Churches start with a Prayer ability while Guard towers requisite Patrol law to be used. Churches have a bigger radius!

  • Order has prisons, that when used can take up to 30 workers each from your production pool for 3 days! And they can die of disease while inside!! If for some reason you don't man the prison, all prisoners escape and you get a massive discontent hit. Faith has public penitence that does the same hope/discontent effect but only hurts up to 5 people for 1 day on a medical tent. Also it requires no building or construction.

  • Faith have useful buildings like Houses of Prayer that are completely overpowered, they make infirmaries completely obsolete, don't require engineers (you can put fu*king children inside) nor they require steam cores! Also faith has soup kitchen that is quite useful when trying to save coal on the generator. Order has no counterparts

  • Faith has shrines that not only give production bonus passively, it gives hope. Propaganda tower only gives production

  • Faith's confession law gives you back resources and hope while order pledge of loyalty gives you hope.

Am I missing anything ? Is there any reason at all to go Order other than for aesthetics ?

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