NOTE: This post is not intended as a demand for 11 Bit Studios to implement these ideas, or even as proof of their feasibility. It is simply a collection of ideas I've developed and drawn over a long, free weekend.

To start, I'd like to say that Frostpunk is one of my favorite games of all time. I've sunk countless hours into each of its scenarios, and greatly appreciate all the effort the developers put into each aspect of it.

Yet, in spite of what it would seem like, Endless Mode has never been able to draw my attention for longer than a few days. Thinking about this, I started to realize that the thing I enjoyed the most in the mode was collecting the Relics, and reading the worldbuilding and lore. Thinking a bit more, I realized that it was the combination of bits of story, objectives, and the tense gameplay, that had made the game so enjoyable for me in the first place.

So I kept thinking, and this is what I came up with:


Upon entering the customization screen at the start of an Endless Run, a new toggle will be available, it can be selected independently of Random Hazards and Settlements. It reads: "Evolution".

From then on, the game will operate like a normal Endless Run, with no changes occurring until the first Relic is recovered, and the Archives are built. A few days after the event, when the next storm is approaching, a prompt will show up on screen, reading as follows:

"Captain, the construction of the Archives have begun to change our people's perspective. Whatever happens during the next storm, we will emerge as a different society."

Understood> (Engineers can now be employed to safekeep the Archives)

The next storm will be far more intense than the ones before it.

If the city survives it, a new prompt will appear:

We survived

"Our people wake up in heated homes, already healing. They glance at the morning sun and gather, discussing what the future holds. In a matter of minutes, there is upheaval: workers discuss labour, creators discuss art, pessimists and optimists both discuss what the future holds."

We will evolve> (Hope will be replaced with motivation)


Inside the Adaptation tab of the Book of Laws, a special toggle will now be available. Selecting it will take the player to a new screen, containing the all-new Evolution laws. In the left side, Labour laws, derived from the ones available in the Last Autumn, will be available. To quell strikes, which occur when Discontent is high, or Motivation is low, as well as in unsafe workplaces, in Builders mode, the captain may side with the workers, building the Labour Union, or with the engineers, building the Factory Inspectorate. Both of these work similarly to their counterparts in TLA, though their safety benefits will be replaced with motivation/efficiency boosts outside of Builders.

The Worker's Council and Overseers laws are next in their respective paths. Once more, they will operate similarly to their Scenario versions: Councils will have workers contribute ideas and organize motivation-raising events every so often, while Overseers can be dispatched to workplaces, raising efficiency at the cost of discontent and strike risk.

As a detour, the Day-Off and Specialized Tools laws can be passed: both will reduce safety risk and increase efficiency in the workplaces they affect. The Day-Off law will cause all workers in range of the selected council to not work for 24 hours, granting a motivation boost, as well as boosting their efficiency, upon their return. The Specialized Tools, on the other hand, can be toggled on or off in any workplace, raising efficiency, but costing regular amounts of steel to maintain them.

Finally, the last two laws present in the Labour branch are Breakrooms and Automaton Maintenance. Breakrooms can be installed in most workplaces for a wood cost. When activated, they will consume small amounts of food rations per day, but will negate the discontent caused by Extended Shifts/24-Hour Shifts, and allow those to be active indefinitely. Automaton Maintenance allows up to 10 engineers to be staffed at any workplace occupied by an Automaton. They will make sure the automaton is constantly fueled and in good shape, and it will never become entangled in the building.

To the right side, Enlightenment laws are available. These can develop the Public sector of the city, and give citizens more activities to perform in their off-time, as well as when idle.

The top half of the Enlightenment branch contains the Literature laws. When signing Library, a new branch of the Archives will be built, allowing citizens to read and write books. When clicking on the Archives building, the titles, authorship, and a very short description of each written book will be visible. Reading books can reduce discontent, but occasionally, sad or subversive literature may be written.

Next up is the Children's Book Club. If Child Shelters and Child Apprentices are in place, children will have boosts in their efficiency, when working as apprentices. If Child Labour is in place, children will be less prone to accidents, and there will be a smaller loss in motivation when they are sent to work. The law also provides a flat Motivation increase when signed.

Writing Classes are adjacent. By signing this, the Engineers staffed with the upkeep of the Archives will also teach patrons literature. This will improve both the positive and negative effects of books.

The bottom half of the Enlightenment laws contains the Art laws. By signing Art School, a new public building becomes available, staffing five engineers, and teaching patrons fine arts. Like with the Library, the title and authorship of every piece can be seen when clicking an Art School.

With Outdoor Demonstrations, every few days, the Public Squares of the city will be occupied with art displays, raising motivation. During this time, workers can also be employed in these squares, providing classes on crafts and artisan handiworks. If succesful (that is, not interrupted by Order or Faith or the cold), efficiency will rise at workplaces where attendees work, and more people will be inspired to attend the next one.

Garden Bath Houses and the Sauna are both ways to reduce illness and discontent, as well as keeping people in warm areas during colder times. If bath houses are selected, then the currently existing Gardens will be partially converted into bathing areas, at no additional coal cost. If the Sauna is built instead, it will available as a new Health building, capable of housing a large amount of people, and having the highest base insulation of any building, but it will also consume great amounts of coal.


Should the player's city have a significant Faith or Order presence, these ideologies may not mesh with what Enlightenment laws are producing. In that case, Civil Indoctrination can be signed. Be careful.


Much like with the Book of Laws, changes will also have occurred in the Technology Tree. Every single new technology will take a significant amount of time to develop. Additionally, each of the three branches represents one of the three quests available from this point on.


When your city approaches a certain coal threshold, a group of engineers may approach you:

What the future holds

"Captain, there has been some discussion amongst engineers employed in the coal industry. Although it will not come to pass for a long time, some are worried about the future of our city in the face of a coal shortage. There are ideas about alternative energy sources, but the people look to you for answers"

We must reduce our consumption> (Carbon Efficiency must be researched)

We must seek a new source> (Three Wind Turbines must be built)

There is nothing to worry about> (Discontent will fall. Motivation will fall slightly)

If the mission is accepted, another prompt will pop up soon after:

What the future holds

"Captain, the engineer responsible for the Automaton Project has returned once more. He claims to have uncovered a way to reverse-engineer Steam Core Production from our existing Automaton blueprints. This will be vital if we are to seek a new energy source."

I see>

Once the technology is researched, Steam Cores can be produced at Factories, at the cost of 500 wood and 500 steel, engineers may also be injured in the process.

The Steam Core Efficiency technology can also be researched, cutting productions costs by 20% and production time by 50%.

After 5 Steam Cores have been produced, a new prompt will appear:

What the future holds

"Every night, the city is filled with the sound of machines, and incessant chattering. Engineers have been pulling all-nighters, fascinated by the study of the newly-produced Steam Cores. A few speculate: is there a way to make them even stronger?"

Only time will tell> (Ventilator Cores can now be researched)

At a Factory, five Steam Cores can be converted into a single Ventilator Core. Once Carbon Efficiency or Wind Turbines is signed, the questline will officially come to an end, though the other technology can still be researched.

Carbon Efficiency allows a coal-consuming building to be outfitted with a Ventilator Core, permanently halving its consumption. Wind Turbines can be installed outside the city, at the cost of 200 steel and five Cores each. Upon their installation, the coal icon will be replaced with a small electricity icon, and the Generator will be available for conversion, ensuring great prosperity.


This mission is directly related to the Enlightenment branch of the Evolution laws. It introduces Paper as a resource derived from wood, created in Textile Shops. Once the first Enlightenment law has been passed, the following prompt will appear:

What the future holds

"Captain, a poet is here to discuss the recent law you passed. They are ecstatic at the news, but also worry about where exactly this new art is going to be produced. From now on, we will have to manage our supplies of paper."

Understood> (Paper is now available in the economy tab)

The Textile Shop employs 10 workers, though that can be reduced to 5 via the research of Textile Mechanization, Textile Insulation is also available, as well as Improved Looms, improving the efficiency and reducing the wood cost of paper.

When enough paper is stockpiled, and the relevant buildings are in place, the mission will be complete.


What the future holds

"Captain, our city shines greater than it ever has. Workers toil safely and with motivation. Citizens create and teach and attend art displays. Even the children, once a point of worry, now have safe homes, and definite futures. We must ensure that we are not forgotten, so that one day we may serve as a beacon for others who wish to evolve."

Our work is nearly done> (Time Capsules must be built)

The final research branch contains Archive Insulation (to keep writers, students and teachers warm), Archive Remodel (to ensure that no works are lost during storms), as well as Time Capsules. When Time Capsules are researched, three new Scouting Points will appear in the Frostlands, and Capsule Teams can be created in the Beacon, each carrying 200 wood, 100 steel, and 50 works of art selected by the player. If Settlements are toggled, one more objective will appear after the completion of this one, otherwise, it is the end of the mission.

By researching Cultural Exchange, the Capsule Teams can be instructed to carry more resources, travelling to each of the three settlements and building tunnels to ensure safe travel between each Capsule and City. Once each tunnel is complete, the related Settlement will message you, thanking you for ensuring their preservation. Their works will also be added to the Capsules.

When all objectives are completed, the player will receive a message of congratulations, and, like with the Scenarios, a brief city-building montage will play, though the game will continue. From then on, at any point the player wishes to leave their city, they can trigger the montage once more, and satisfactorily leave their save.

FINAL NOTE: Thanks for reading this far! I really didn't expect to write as much as I did, but I'm glad to get this out somewhere at last. I hope this creates discussion and enjoyment for everyone in this thread!

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