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For too long I’ve been trying to get a settlement set up in Endless mode (for the Xbox achievements) with nothing but failure. After beating the campaign scenarios I figured this wouldn’t be too difficult of a task.

How wrong I was.

I just cannot get a city to survive to the second storm, during the warm up period after the first storm I always lose a good chunk of my work force to death or a amputation and I can never recover from it. All the tips, guides etc I’ve seen say that getting past the first storm is the hardest part so if I’m now doing that consistently why am I still failing?!

I spent about 4 hours with the following strategy last night but couldnt get it to work:

(I’m playing crater, medium, no random hazards).

First things first. Child labour law signed, then everyone’s out collecting the piles of wood and steal. By the end of the first day I’ve built 8 tents and two medical posts (both fully staffed) and I’ve built gathering posts at the two locations to cover the wood and steel. If the temperature stays at -20 I’ll keep the generator off. The medical posts are positioned in the direction of where the steel works will sit in the future.

For the next couple of days I’m focusing on collecting as much of the wood,steel and coal as I can until the temperature drops. Behind the medical posts I’ve built two research buildings and a cookhouse. I leave the cook house empty for the time being and fully staff one of the research buildings leaving the other with one or two engineers in it – I set these to work on researching for the walldrill, coal thumper and steelworks, then the steam hub, heaters and bunkhouses.


Once these are researched I’ve built one of each, the coal thumper and steel works are placed together with a gathering post next to the thumper and a steam hub in the middle of them all to keep them warm during the day.

From here I’m set for the three main resources, usually maxing out coal and wood before the first storm.

I’ve experimented with hunters huts, flying hunters and the hothouse for food, they all work well enough to get by but the hothouse can be hard to keep heated.

I’ve also tried out the infirmary with no success (I tend to end up with more sick than I can house) and the factory/automoton but this is little help when I lose my workforce.

If I have the time I’ll research and build the beacon but I usually don’t waste time with scouts because I need the workforce and never find much of use before the first storm hits.

I’ve toyed around with different laws but I usually go for child labour, soup, 24hr shifts (I don’t use these though cause people die straight away), extended shifts, preserve lives, care house, prosthetics, graveyard. I don’t bother with anything else after this because the city dies before anything else is needed.

Am I missing something or doing something wrong here? How do you maintain your resources and workforce long enough for the scouts to bring in more people?

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