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We've heard about 11bit studio promising us endless mode. How about speculating how it might look like?

Plain old survival

In this mode, there is just you, the city, and the hostile enviroment. No story, no special events, no missions. Your starting crater and map with explorable marks are generated randomly, so your strategy has to work in more uncertain conditions than you're used to in scenarios. The temperature steadly ticks down until reaching comfty -80C.

You just try to create a self-sustainable settlement. You have the ability to continue the game indefinitely, but truth be told, at one point there will be n point of continuing. You can fool around, and set your win state to whatever you want.

The World is dying, and takes us with it

It is almost identical to the Plain old survival, with one difference. The temperature doesn't stop at -80C. It doesn't stop at -100C. It also doesn't stop at -200C. It doesn't stop ticking down until you fail.

It is not the question of "If" but "How long". This mode is intended to push you to the extremes, evoke minmax sorcery, and find the limits of your people, morality and game engine itself.

An obstacle to overcome

Again, starts like Plain old survival, but something is going to happen. You don't know exactly what and when, just that it will in the third week.

Storm is coming!

We know this from one of the scenarios, so I'll keep the description short. Refugees arrive in your city, spreading rumors about a giant frost storm approaching your city and freezing everything it's wake. You need to cater for incoming refugees (or not) and prepare for the icy wrath of nature.

People are coming!

Refugees come to your city, claiming to be banished residents of a far away settlement. You can choose to let them in… or not. If you choose not to, with no place to go they'll camp outside your city, trying to leech the warmth of your generator from afar, and stealing your resources in night. More and more refugees come, and with them grim news about the settlement they've been banished from. Food shortages, cold homes and people freezing in the coal mines, a mad man creating a fanatic cult and ousting the despised captain, human sacrifices to banish the frost…

But you have other things to care about. The people from the failed religious utopia keep pouring in, seriously straining your ability to house, feed and warm your population. Each time you refuse to let people in, the slums around your crater grows. You can fend off thieves with your guards/faith keepers, but each time the slum grows it becomes harder and harder. Mortality in the slums is high of course… but not high enough.

One day, the last wave of refugees came. It's the mad man and his most trusted fanatics that left the failed settlement. They rally people of the slums against your city with promises of food and warmth. The big battle – where it is you and your people against the mad man and starving masses. If your forces are greater than his, you win.

If you were to agree to accommodate refugees, but then manage to… curb their population to more manageable levels (Like 'accidentally' putting them in the freezing work stations, or 'forgetting' to make food) the mad man and his crew will rally your own population against you (How many will join him depends on your level of hope and discontent, and number of dead people).

Salvation is coming!

One day one man (or woman) is struck with a vision. A heavenly being spoke to them, claiming that by the will of Lord this wicked world is destined to end in the never-ending frost, and every living being on it will perish. But not all is lost! The last of the righteous will be saved, if only they choose to travel to the Lords Heaven.

Of course you and most of your people dismiss this preachers claims as ungrounded nonsense. But he is gaining support with his charismatic speeches and colorful language more and more people are joining his cause. It looks like another Londoners homesickness, for now. The lower your hope is, the more people join his ranks. If your hope is high enough, they stop following. You need to find a way to make your people believe that surviving in your city is possible.

The preacher is getting worse and worse. He is performing miracles now, presumably curing peoples from frostbite, and melting snow with his holy gaze sowing discontent and killing peoples hope in you. His followers sometimes cut work hours short, to focus on prayer to their Lord. Food rations disappear, surely being taken for the journey to the Lords Heaven.

Your guards can make people work, your faith keepers can lecture them about the real faith, or maybe the comfort of their homes will convince them to stay away from the preacher. Whichever path you choose, one day the Preacher will attempt his most amazing miracle yet. To prove to his followers that they'll be immune to the frost, he decided to stay outside for the night. It turned out, he wasn't immune. In the morning he was found half-dead, with numerous frostbites. Discontent plummets, hope rises, and it seems like your problem has solved itself.


Until, somewhat miraculous, the Preacher wakes up! His body is still ridden with black spots of dead frozen tissue, most of his limbs amputated. He speaks of the vision he received while outside. The Lord is displeased of the Old World wickedness present in this city, and has chosen not to let anyone from it to enter his Heaven. But, once the source of evil is removed, he in his mercy will forgive the people and shield them from the frost while they travel to the Heaven.

The root of this evil is, unsurprisingly, you.

The Preacher is now openly speaking against you. He pulls out any morally questionable action you have let to happen. People getting stomped by automatons? People getting sick from eating sawdust? Public house? Booze? Children freezing to death in coal mines? All that actions are going to cost you dear amount of hope and discontent. And if you did none of that, he'll just make something up (for lesser penalty for you).

After a set amount of time the Preacher and his followers will attempt to assassinate you. The smaller his forces, and the more extreme policies you've ratified, the bigger chance of survival you have.

You can of course choose to seize the absolute control over your citizens minds, with the most extreme policies of the purpose laws. Then… you win. The Preacher is killed to show that his Lord is nothing more than a madman delusion. Hurray?

The raiders are coming!

One day, it turns out that your city is not the last one in the World! There is another one. And it is populated by militaristic regime that loves nothing more than raid other people. Unfortunately for you, they have guns and you have not. Brilliant.

At first raiding groups are small, and their demands are modest as well. You can agree with hope of establishing future trade (the guns look so… tempting). You can also refuse without consequences – even with guns your 20 to 1 advantage is crushing.

But later the raider groups grow larger, more aggressive and more demanding. If you refuse or not be able to meet their demands, they'll attack, destroying some of your buildings, killing some of your people and looting whatever you have until they're satisfied. You can choose to defend yourself – with guards/faith keepers or automatons. The more you have, the bigger chance of your success… and he smaller chance that your defenders will get killed or destroyed in the process. But were your defenders fail, angered raiders will strike you even harder, demolishing more buildings, killing more people, and destroying more resources.

And so, the situation continues, with raids getting bigger and bigger. One day, your observers in the beacon manage to detect where the raiders are coming from. Now you get a chance of sending an army to them in order to destroy their settlement and end the raids once and for all. (You send the army the same way the provisions to New Manchester are being send) The army has enormous need for manpower and resources, and returns to you upon success. The more raiders you kill when they raid you, the bigger chance of success army has. You can send the armies multiple times, but if one fails to destroy the raiders, all of people in it will be dead. Were you to run out of people, you can choose to send an automaton army. If you send two armies and one destroys raiders settlement before the other, it will just return.

You can also choose not to kill any raiders, and not to send any forces, and just pay your tribute. If that happens, eventually raiders impressed by wealth of your city will start joining you instead of raiding you, and eventually the raids will stop as raider city depopulates completely.

The heat is coming!

Generator has one main purpose. Generating heat. Which is brilliant, because your city needs heat. By pure coincidence the same heat turns solid ice into liquid water. Ice is the substance the natural walls of your settlement are made of.

For a while these three facts about the World sit in your populations collective consciousness with no consequence. One day, a wall comes down making a small section of your cozy crater not suitable for buildings, and burying ones that were on it's way. The same day, you realize the terrifying truth. The generator is melting down walls of your crater!

Which is bad. The crater shields you from the frozen winds, and with each wall that comes down the temperature around it drops a lot. Thankfully you can still clear the crushed ice to reclaim the confined area. The hotter the generator, and the warmer the environment temperature, the higher chance of wall melting.

After a while you discover, that ice walls are not the only stuff that melts. The ground you're building on is made out of permafrost. Permafrost you're now warming. As the area temperature rises, the chance of patch of permafrost to become untraversable and unbuildable mud increases.

Cursing on the person that decided to put the generator here, you need to balance out heating or you'll run out of space to build. Thankfully, this time dropping temperatures work in your favour.

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